Tuesday 13 Apr 2021

Belagavi: Goans’ favourite shopping destination

Belagavi: Goans’ favourite shopping destination

No matter what the age of the person is, shopping is pure joy. It is relaxing, it rejuvenates, and brings smiles to the faces of not only those who shop but also the shopkeepers and salespersons. For most people, shopping is not just for time pass, but to make the most of it. Others just enter any shop and buy the first thing that meets their eye. Few others are choosey. They go from shop to shop and don’t stop until they find their favourite object. And lastly, some enjoy window shopping. They don’t purchase anything but find pleasure in seeing colourful, neatly arranged things in shops or malls.

Goa is not an exception – here too, we find people of all sorts of likes and dislikes. What the wise shopkeepers do is, display all sorts of items in their windows and on their shelves, so that the customer has a choice. Business and marketing are the backbones of any economy, and unless the money rolls in the market, the country doesn’t gain its GDP.

The State of Goa witnesses various types of consumer shoppes all year-round. There are annual exhibitions and sales in prominent cities like Panaji, Margao, Vasco, Mapusa or Ponda. 

However, when it comes to women and children, shopping means clothes, toys, food and kitchen equipment. Women are fond of apparels, and no matter how full their wardrobe is, they always feel, that they do now have enough clothes. And with clothes, comes accessories, like purses, handbags, scarves, hair clips, jewellery, belts, shoes, socks, watches or sunglasses. While malls offer all of these under one roof, branded stores keep restricted or limited stocks.

Sales and discounts are the most favourite words when one wants to go shopping. People tend to visit the shop or mall, where sales are announced. These sales scale up during festive seasons and are not limited to clothes but are offered in electronic equipment too.

There is a craze seen among most Goans of travelling to neighbouring States for shopping, and Belagavi is their favourite destination where festive clothes, linen and furnishing, metal utensils, tiles, rot iron furniture, railings are available in abundance. The popular city is known for the latest fashioned gold and artificial jewellery. After hearty shopping, good food awaits here, and while returning, people don’t forget to stuff their car dickie with cheap fruits and vegetables, that the Belagavi market is known for.

2020 was a year of lockdowns and restrictions in travelling, bur 2021 has dawned with hope and a sigh of relief. People are looking out for joy and happiness; they want to add smiles to their lives. Apart from good food, shopping brings this joy to their faces. Goa has had its serious pandemic phase and even now the Covid scare has not diminished. The vaccine has come as a breather and many have welcomed it. With the vaccine, the ease and possibility of free movement will soon be a reality. Moving freely in shops, malls, sales, fairs, exhibitions and markets, will be more safe and secure. Markets will open up, the economy will roll on and life will be on tracks.

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