Jetty Policy will lead to Goa’s coastal destruction

DR ARMANDO DA SILVA, via email | SEPTEMBER 30, 2022, 10:48 PM IST

It is heartening to read and note that the media is with the voice of the people in their dissent. Hope the voice will be as aggressive as in Iran.

Goa is for Goans. It is said that we have Modi's prodigy Pramod Sawant, Chief minister of Goa, who constantly reminds Goans that the Portuguese destroyed Goa. 

The chief minister needs to know that we Goans need to demolish nexus, bribe and corruption. Goans must be made aware that the Jetty Policy is for Adanis wealth. Adani should think of the poor and he should know and be made aware that fisheries is an important source of food, nutrition, employment and above all constituting the livelihood to fisher folks. 

Transferring the traditional ownerships of and access to beach fronts from fisher communities to private entrepreneurs with commercial interest and pushing back the dwelling places of the fisher communities to the landward side of the line would prove to be fatal and a brazen attempt to disempower the traditional fisher communities. 

Goans and POGO should learn the consequences and unitedly take up the fight and struggle like the people of Vizhinjam. 

Goans should echo with one loud voice “No Jetties”. 

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