Covid treatment: Review rates of pvt hospitals

RODNEY DE SOUZA, Assagao | SEPTEMBER 16, 2020, 06:42 PM IST

We understand that managing the Covid 19 situationis not an easy task. The bed capacity in government hospitals is notsufficient for the rising number of patients. A few weeks ago it wasreported that patients had to be kept on the waiting list to availtreatment in a hospital. Since treatment for Covid has to startimmediately, people are forced to look at private hospitals. Thisoption given to people is a very expensive one. The private hospitalshave come out with exorbitant fees for Covid treatment. How can themiddle-class people pay in lakhs for 14 days of treatment? That toomostly in cash and in advance. Are these rates people friendly orhospital friendly? The common people are caught between the devil andthe deep blue sea. If the government is really for the people, itshould review the rates immediately. It should also considerincreasing substantially the benefit admissible under the Deen Dayalscheme for the treatment of this unexpected deadly virus.

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