The best and auspicious direction for the ground level as well as the overhead water tank is the West

Agnelo Pires | OCTOBER 16, 2021, 11:26 PM IST

Water has always been considered as one of the main sources of survival for all living organisms. To avoid getting entangled in the shortage of water, humans have devised ways and means to store it in many ways. It is stored mainly in the form of underground, ground level and overhead water tanks.  

Although North-East is the direction of the Water element, it is also the direction that is supposed to be without any heaviness. So, a ground-level or overhead water tank storage in this direction will be negative and will create Vastu flaws and defects. Only an underground water tank is allowed here.

The best and auspicious direction for the ground level as well as the overhead water tank is the West. It can also be in the West of South-West. This is because the ruling deity of this direction is Lord Varuna or the Lord of Water. Secondly, as per the principles of Vastushastra, the South-East, South, South-West and West should be closed and heavy. 

If the ground level and overhead water tanks are in the North, North-East and East direction then it will automatically create heaviness there. The outcome of this defect will be health issues, financial problems and problems in the children’s education.

If water is stored in this manner in the fire corner that is South-East direction, then there can be fire-related problems, problems related to finances, problems in married life and problems to conceive a child. If it is in the South or South-West then there will be instability in the house and life. Water should never be stored in any manner in the centre of the house or Brahmasthan. This is a major and serious Vastu defect. It must be done away with immediately to avoid all sorts of problems, losses and disasters. 

Shifting the ground level or overhead water tank from the wrong direction to the auspicious direction is the first correction to remove the Vastu defect. To some extent, it can be minimised by creating double its heaviness in the South-West by way of some construction or keeping heavy materials or planting huge trees. 

One must remember that an overhead water tank should never be above the bedroom or kitchen. There can be stress, disturbed sleep and health issues if it is exactly above the sleeping area. The ground level water tank should be kept on a slab at least two feet above the ground level. A leakage in the water tank should be avoided and it must be kept clean regularly.

(The writer @ 8805351558 is a professional Vastu expert based at Panaji)

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