Saturday 20 Jul 2024

Safety concerns loom as plans for new market building in Aldona stall

Safety concerns loom as plans for new market building in Aldona stall


Safety concerns grip Aldona village as plans for a new market building remain in limbo, leaving residents and shopkeepers in a state of perpetual distress.

Despite repeated assurances from local authorities, including the MLA and the local panchayat, progress on the construction of a safer market complex has been stagnant, exacerbating fears of a potential catastrophe.

For years, the current market building has been plagued by structural issues, with wide cracks lining its walls and sections of the ceiling crumbling, posing imminent dangers to its occupants.

A report issued nearly a decade ago by the Engineering College of Farmagudi highlighted the perilous condition of the structure, urging immediate action.

However, subsequent efforts by the Public Works Department (PWD) to address the situation have faltered, leaving the community at risk.

Despite acknowledging the urgency of the situation, authorities have failed to either initiate construction of a new market or relocate affected vendors to safer premises. Previous attempts to garner consensus among stakeholders, including shopkeepers, the Church Fabrica, and the local panchayat, have yielded little progress.

Recent statements from Aldona MLA Carlos Ferreira and Sarpanch Ashwin D’Souza hinted at renewed efforts to push for a new market building.

However, bureaucratic hurdles, including the need for a Detailed Project Report (DPR) from the State government, have impeded decisive action.

Former MLA Glen Ticlo also pledged to address the issue during his tenure, but his promises remained unfulfilled. Despite attempts to seal off the hazardous building, enforcement measures were abandoned, allowing continued use of the compromised structure.

Calls for government intervention to prioritise the safety of Aldona residents have grown louder, emphasising the need for proactive measures to address the longstanding concerns surrounding the market complex.

With lives at stake, swift and decisive action is imperative to avert a potential disaster in the village.

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