Top-heavy, too many fish outside water, gasping

| MARCH 17, 2023, 01:12 AM IST

The symptoms of the pitfalls of having a top-heavy majority is apparently beginning to show on the just about one-year-old Pramod Sawant dispensation, with one too many big fishes gasping outside the water.

How else would one then explain a heavyweight like Michael Lobo, a member of the ruling dispensation itself, helplessly complaining of an alleged hafta extorting racket in his own Calangute backyard?  

Inexplicable, but then these are the pitfalls in politics: damned if you haven’t got a big majority and doubly damned if you do have one. Not too many politicians are happy to sit by the sidelines with nothing on their plates, these days.

Sawant also has to deal with accommodating two more stalwarts, like Lobo, and keep his part of the deal reached at the time of the defection into his party of the eight-member Congress group. The much talked of cabinet berths for the defectors are yet to materialise and apart from Lobo, Digambar Kamat and Aleixo Sequeira, are yet to be accomodated. Tough times ahead for the ruling dispensation, for sure.

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