| AUGUST 24, 2020, 05:50 PM IST
FRIGHTENING NUMBERSAmonth ago, the thought that Goa’s active Covid tally would cross2,000 would have caused mass panic. Unfortunately, over 200 newcases each day and at least two to four Covid-related deaths every24 hours is now the new normal.On July 8, the total number of Covid-19 cases detected in Goa hadcrossed 2,000-mark and stood at 2,039. The 136 fresh Covid cases de-tected on that particular Wednesday were the highest single-day tallytill then. Active cases were 824 and a total of eight patients had lost theirlives to the disease. A total of 81,114 samples had been tested and thependency of samples at testing facilities was at 1,441.Previously, the total number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Goa hadtouched 1,000-mark on June 26. It took three months for the figure to gofrom 1 to 1,000. Not so surprisingly, the number of cases had doubledwithin mere 13 days.Exactly after a month and a little over 64,000 sample test reports later,on August 8, the total confirmed cases have risen four times to 8,206.Death toll has surged to 72, a nine times increase. The active cases havealso swelled by over twice the figure a month ago to touch 2,332. Thependency of samples is now at 1,308. They say numbers don’t lie.
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