Goan music, costumes, dance take centre stage in Qatar

ARMSTRONG VAZ | MARCH 30, 2024, 01:32 AM IST
Goan music, costumes, dance take centre stage in Qatar

Photo Credits: Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Rosary Qatar


A host of nationalities took part in the Family Day, the first of its kind organised recently by the Our Lady of Rosary Church Qatar at the Religious Complex.

The day-long programme saw people of various ages and from different nationalities showcasing their cultures and vibrant dresses in a riot of colours.

Performers from many cultures shared the beauty of their native music and dance; and costumes from many nations adorned the Community Cultural Parade. The richness of the diversity within the Parish Community was evident on show.

The event had something on offer for people of all ages to enjoy which they to the hilt amidst the sounds of music, laughter and children’s squeals of joy.

Among the various communities and groups in the parish which were in full force at the event turned out to be the Goan community which took part in the cultural programmes and the food stalls.

Ros Omelette, a Goan delicacy was a big hit and so were a few other dishes prepared and served at the Goan food stall at the family day. The Goan Poie made by Goan entrepreneur Jeronimo D'Souza at Jazz Café bakery gelled well with some of the Goan dishes, said people, who savoured the tasty Goan delicacies.

The Goan brass band played at the event and the members of the squad included, Carlos Fernandes (trumpet/saxophone), Morgan Viegas (guitar), Joshua Carlos (saxophone), Byron Carlos (bass Drum), Joshua Francis Murray (clarinet), John De Sa (crash cymbal), Martin Mascarenhas (Djembe), Zethan Rodrigues (snare drum) and Eleora Viegas (violin).

Musicians from other countries and Indian cities also performed at the event.

The stalls also offered hot and cold food and beverages, along with some sweet treats.

Games around the compound gave younger parishioners a safe place to climb and bounce throughout the day.

The festivities began with the opening ceremony by Fr Xavier D'Souza, Parish Priest of the church, followed by the talent show, fancy dress competition, bingo in the morning and the evening, keeping busy parishioners of all ages.

More fun came the parishioner’s way when they had to run around the ground in search of the perfect “selfie” needed to win the Treasure Hunt.

With the announcement of the winner’s name of the Parish Raffle, there was more celebration all around as the evening progressed and the day ended with a beautiful closing ceremony.

The parishioners left the Religious Complex grounds with smiles on their faces and a sense of community in their hearts. This was a day of celebration that left lasting memories for all who participated and there was so much joy.

With the resounding success of Family Day, parishioners are now hoping that it becomes an annual event for all to look forward to and enjoy for years to come.

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