Tuesday 18 Jun 2024

Goans celebrate WGD at Brighton Beach

Goans celebrate WGD at Brighton Beach


A number of Goans got together and celebrated World Goa Day at Brighton Beach in the UK.

The event, which was organised by Elvis Fernandes, Alvito Dias and Joyce De Souza, was attended by many Goans staying in Southall, Wembley, Harrow, Acton, etc.

There were games for kids and adults, while Alvito Dias and Anarita Rodrigues performed the Kunbi dance.

The kids along with Joyce De Souza made a banner with some pictures about the natural beauty, historical places, paddy fields, beaches and fisherman of Goa.

With the help of a banner, Joyce delivered a special message to the Goans worldwide and appealed to them to stay united and not be divided by political games and religious sentiments.

“We Goans and Indians are all one and we strongly believe in secularism,” said Joyce.

There was group dancing to the music of popular Konkani songs. Ariana Fernandes (9) who was the finalist at the first-ever Konkani solo singing competition sang ‘Pavsachea Tempar’, ‘Uzo’ and ‘Goa Goa’. Isha N sang a Hindi song, while Ditosa sang a song about the natural beauty of Goa. Group singing was also an activity for the day.

The Ghumot, a traditional musical instrument of Goa, was played by Elvis Fernandes as he accompanied some of the singers.

Goan cuisine was prepared by those attending the get-together. Prizes and spot prizes were sponsored by Alvito Dias, who also handed out a souvenir, a keychain in the shape of a seashell with the words ‘’Goa’ and a printed coconut tree, to every family present at the get-together.

The adults and children also got to play and swim in the sea.

“It was a fun day at the beach and each one of us missed Goa during that time. The day was well spent by remembering the culture of Goa. We want to unite Goans by having events and programmes that engage the community and build our ties stronger in the U.K,” said Joyce.

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