THE TINTO: More than a Goan Pop-Up, a culinary revolution in California

The Tinto also contributes to Greener Goa project to support local families through planting of trees

THE TINTO: More than a Goan Pop-Up, a culinary revolution in California


Taking the traditional Tinto and redefining it thousands of miles from Goa has not only earned widespread appreciation, it has also promoted Goan heritage, cuisine and music in California-USA.

The Tinto is more than just a Goan pop-up. It has been described as a junction, a market and a meeting place.

“We're the Goan culinary revolution in the heart of Fremont, California. Our mission is to elevate Goan cuisine, introducing its vibrant flavours to our community and giving it the spotlight it rightly deserves among the great cuisines of the US,” explained Joseph Lourenço, co-founder of The Tinto.

This unique marketplace began as ‘Citrus Socials’ in 2019 when the co-founders Pele and Sweta Travasso and Joseph and Celeste Lourenço hosted the first-ever Goan Crab Fest and a Seafood Fest in Bayarea.

“After laying low for two years due to Covid we came back with the new name, ‘The Tinto’. This embodied what we were trying to create through our pop-up events: a junction, a market, and a meeting place, all dedicated to a single mission: to bring people together and elevate Goan cuisine and introduce them to its vibrant flavours,” explained Joseph.

“This is when we also decided to start off the new venture with two new partners, Philip Lopes and Chef Austin Vaz, and a new Goan Food in the Box idea.”

Different initiatives have been hosted at The Tinto as part of its focus to celebrate Goan culture and cuisine in California.


Joseph said the ‘Goan Food in the Box’ concept is designed to be convenient, customisable, and a source of cherished memories at festivals and gatherings.

“We have done couple of boxes every year and our most recent box was on September 9. This endeavour is aimed at bringing Goan flavours closer to our community. Guests can handpick their favourite Goan dishes from our menu, crafting a box that resonated with their taste buds and nostalgia from fish cutlets, Xacutti, Sorpotel, Chana Ros to much more.”

“Then on a set date, the guest can come over to our Tinto and pickup these culinary treasures or we deliver, each box being a bundle of warmth, wrapped in insulation, and overflowing with love,” he added.


Earlier on May 21, The Tinto also hosted the ‘Goan Crab Festival’ to celebrate Goan culture with a symphony of flavours and melodies.

Local bands ‘The Wolves’ and ‘Poco Locos’ set the stage as the crowd eagerly awaited Goa’s music sensation, Mark Revlon, electrifying the coastal ambiance.

Goa’s music sensation Mark Revlon

“What set this festival apart was the innovative pairing of Goan flavours like Crab Xec Xec, Crab Cafreal, Butter Garlic Crab, and Vonn with craft beers from a local Fremont brewery. This masterstroke tantalised taste buds, creating an unforgettable dining experience. It accentuated the rich tapestry of Goan cuisine, leaving guests craving more. The festival showcased the power of food and music, forging unforgettable memories,” said Joseph.


Following the success of the ‘Goan Crab Festival’, The Tinto presented the ‘Goan Food Booth’ on June 10 with ‘A Culinary Journey to Goa’ at Dia de Portugal.

“The ‘Goan Food Booth’ provided attendees with a culinary journey to the sunny shores of Goa. Our menu was a symphony of taste, featuring Goan Cutlet Pao, Racheado pork ribs, Butter Garlic shrimp, and the refreshing delight of fresh Tender Coconut,” informed Joseph.

“For dessert, we unveiled the irresistible Alle Belle. As the sun kissed the day, curious taste buds were awakened, and guests were treated to a fusion of Peri Peri and our fiery Racheado masala. The flan, kissed with Goan spices, was a sweet crescendo. The event was a day where Goan flavours danced in perfect harmony with the setting, leaving unforgettable memories on every palate.”


Joseph emphasised that events at The Tinto are not just about indulgence, but also about making a positive impact too.

“Every ticket sold at the ‘Goan Crab Festival’ and every food box sold at our most recent event, ‘Goan Food in the Box’, contributed to the Greener Goa project, symbolising our collective effort to support local families through the planting of local trees. This project was made possible thanks to the Support from Goa Sudharop,’ said Joseph.


Joseph explained that The Tinto's journey into the world of food is a testament to the belief that food is a universal language, a conduit of cherished memories, and a bridge between cultures.

“Our Goan Crab Festival, Food Booth, and Goan Food Box events have not only celebrated Goan culture and cuisine but have also highlighted the power of food to unite, evoke nostalgia, and make a positive impact on our community.”

“As we look back on these remarkable events, we're filled with gratitude to everyone who joined us in celebrating Goan culture, relishing extraordinary flavours, and contributing to our shared mission. Until the next culinary adventure, we cherish the memories and eagerly await the wonderful things yet to come at The Tinto,” said Joseph.

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