Wednesday 17 Jul 2024

Mixed Blood Seraulim enter finals

THE GOAN NETWORK | JULY 11, 2024, 12:51 AM IST

MARGAO: Mix Blood Seraulim pipped Brazilian Boys 1-0 to enter the finals of the inter-ward Seraulim football tournament, organised by Brazilian Boys Duncolim, at Seraulim Church ground.

The all important goal came through the boots of Melroy Pacheco in the 41st minute after receiving a defense splitting pass from Steven Fernandes, Melroy darted in and smartly placed the ball to the onrushing goalkeeper Greyson Fernandes to find the net.

Mix Blood goalkeeper Camilo Ferrao came up with three brilliant saves denying Brazilian Boys to score a single goal during regular time.

Brazilian Boys who has entered the field with a lot of confidence dominated the first 10 minutes of play keeping their opponents Mix Blood at the back foot. However, Mix Blood gained some confidence and started making inroads. At first half the score board read 0-0.

In the second half, Brazilian Boys were seen dominating and then it was Mix Blood that took advantage by counter attacking especially when all the players of Brazilian Boys were infront of the Mix Blood Territory. Their efforts bore fruits when Elroy Pacheco came to their rescue and score the lone goal which ultimately proved to be the match winner.

Mix Blood Seraulim will now clash with Active Youth Per Seraulim in the finals slated for July 14.

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