Thursday 08 Dec 2022

Rosary HS marks Children’s Day with visit to farm

Rosary HS marks Children’s Day with visit to farm

Rosary High School students enjoying at Sharvraj Eco Farms at Sanquelim.

PANAJIThe Rosary High School at Cujira-Bambolim celebrated Children’s Day with a difference, by taking schoolchildren to Sharvraj Eco Farms at Sanquelim to enjoy the water park and freedom outdoors in two batches on November 14 and 15. During the day-long event, the schoolchildren enjoyed themselves on the water slides and danced to music, while soaking in the cool waters of the pool. For the safety of the children in the water park, the ‘108’ emergency service paramedics were kept on standby and along with the pool attendants, teachers and staff, all worked together to see that the students were safe and happy. There was a canteen set up at the venue. “The outdoor experience was immensely refreshing and the students had a fun-filled experience that they will remember for many years to come,” said School Headmistress Alice Joan Goes.

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