Wednesday 07 Jun 2023

Sankhali municipality gets new mayor

| MAY 14, 2022, 12:41 AM IST


The Sankhali Municipal Council (SMC) is set to get a new chairperson after Raya Parsekar resigned a few days ago.
The ‘Together for Sankhali’ (TFS) panel is in control of the SMC and Rajesh Sawal is expected to be the next chairperson.
"We will keep our word and Sawal will be the new mayor," said Dharmesh Saglani, leader of TFS.
Since the date to elect the next chairperson has not been decided as yet, SMC Deputy Chairperson Rajesh Sawal will take charge as acting chairperson.
The TFS group currently has seven councilors, Dharmesh Sagalani, Rajesh Sawal, Rajendra Ameshkar, Jyoti Blagan, Ansira Khan, Raya Parsekar and Kunda Madkar.
A BJP councillor said their group has not taken any decision on whether or not to field a candidate for the post of chairperson and will decide in due course.
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