WICCI Rural Tourism Council starts Goa Chapter



The Women's Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI) has started the WICCI Rural Tourism Council Goa chapter. Mini Ribeiro, journalist, communications professional and entrepreneur has been appointed as the first state president from July 2021. Sahana Ahmed, national president, works from the headquarters in Delhi. “One of our key focus areas is community outreach. We will be developing representations for respective government bodies and institutions. These will enable policy changes and incentives toward improving economic and social ecosystems for women to thrive,” stated Ribeiro. Knowledge series, with online lectures focusing on different aspects of women entrepreneurship, are planned each month, with a view to enabling women to develop the confidence to set up a business, understand what it entails and be well-versed with marketing their products on digital platforms. The lectures will be delivered in Konkani apart from Hindi and English. The Goa Council plans to share these lecture series with budding women entrepreneurs in Pilgaon village in Bicholim. Apart from these, webinars and conferences on how to raise funds, structure businesses, increase market share, drive sales, improve branding, and enable B2B collaborations - will be conducted on a regular basis.

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