Tuesday 26 Sep 2023

Talk on Goan roots by Lucas Cole Joshi today



Sunaparanta Goa Centre for the Arts will be hosting ‘(Un)finding your Roots: on Goa in Novel and Film’, a talk by Lucas Cole Joshi, Fulbright-Nehru Scholar and Doctoral Student at Brown University on January 24 at 6.30 pm. The stories of Afro-Asia are intercontinental by nature, and by birth. This talk will engage with Afro-Asian theory in the context of Goa, as well as the complex questions of Blackness as they would relate to the genealogy and ‘rooting’ of Goa. The talk will be moderated by architect Dr Vishvesh Prabhakar Kandolkar, associate professor of Architecture at Goa College of Architecture (Goa University). Special consideration will be given to two works - the diasporic novel Skin (2001) by Margaret Mascarenhas and the pre-statehood film Trikal (1985) directed by Shyam Benegal. How do they unearth and unravel Goan ancestries? And who are the keepers of this archive? In accordance with these questions, the talk seeks to re-identify blackness as life-giving in the story of Goa: and perhaps too, a blackness that gives rise to an Afro-Asian archive disarticulating the boundaries of past, present, and future.

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