Aided schools come under close scrutiny of government

THE GOAN NETWORK | JULY 31, 2023, 11:36 PM IST


Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has warned the aided schools of stern action if they are found demanding or accepting donations from the students. Speaking on the floor of the House on Monday, he asserted that aided-schools receive 100 percent grants-in-aid from the government, and hence, it is inappropriate to seek "fees" on the pretext of PTA, transport for students, or maintenance fees. 

“We give grants-in-aid as well as maintenance fees to the aided schools. There have been complaints that these schools seek donations/fees for PTA, transport, maintenance, etc. Every student in such schools gets free education…If there are written complaints, we will not shy away from taking action against them,” Sawant said. 

The CM admitted that some parents and students, who have faced this situation, are hesitant to complain fearing repercussions from their respective schools. However, he reiterated that if the government receives written complaints, action will soon follow. 

Sawant also asked the aided-schools' managements to not burden the government with infrastructural upgradation. “The government schools are the priority... aided-schools are also given the utmost attention from the State. But the latter dump the responsibility of infrastructural maintenance on the government. They should upgrade the facility on their own. Infrastructure creation is their responsibility,” he added. 

Primary schools using Balrath

The CM also joined other legislators raising concerns over declining enrolment in government primary schools, stating that aided schools are using Balrath buses to take students to their schools. “Balrath buses are to transport high school students only, not primary students,” he asserted. 

Teachers run side-businesses

The government is contemplating bringing changes to rules as per the National Education Policy 2020 to ensure that teachers in aided schools do not indulge themselves in businesses they are simultaneously operating at the moment. 

“The aided-school teachers also have various businesses. I want them to be full-time teachers, be updated about their work, and give their 100 percent in the teaching profession. That’s why some changes are on the cards in the future (which will be) as per the NEP 2020. From next (academic) year, we need teachers fully dedicated to this noble profession and pay attention to building the career of their students,” he said. 

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