Tuesday 24 May 2022

K'taka govt needs to stop harassing Christians in State

JERRY FERNANDES, Saligao | MAY 14, 2022, 09:16 PM IST

The ruling BJP government in Karnataka has reportedly promulgated an ordinance to bring in the contentious Karnataka Protection of Right to Freedom Bill (2011), commonly known as Anti-Conversion Bill with the sole intention of henceforth blacklisting and harassing the Christian community with more gusto by falsely accusing them of indulging in large scale forcible religious conversions in the state.

Our Constitution clearly gives our citizens a fundamental birth right to practice, propagate and to choose the religion of one's own free choice in a democratic country like India.

I therefore personally feel that as long as this right is fully guaranteed in the Constitution, the political rulers of BJP-ruled states should stop coming out with such stupid kiddish laws to selectively target the Christian community unnecessarily by spreading their own fictitious fabricated imaginary lies of forcible religious conversions to garner guaranteed Hindu votes during elections. They instead should try to bring in strict laws against those currently dreaming of demolishing  all our world famous historical old monuments/structures based on their own clumsy imaginary assumptions, those spreading anti-minority hatred/raising stupid issues to divide Indians on religious lines, those promoting casteism/communalism, those depriving the children of the poor of good quality education and who are still hell-bent on keeping all the poor people of this country forever  starving/unemployed under some pretext or the other.

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