Thursday 30 May 2024

Panaji Govt polytechnic students protest bad infra

KG VILOP, Chorao | JANUARY 31, 2024, 07:19 PM IST

The protest was staged by students from Government Polytechnic, Panaji against crumbling infrastructure, administrative challenges and inadequate transport options.  Says that the students are future of our country.  Without a dedicated committee students are facing challenges in resolving their grievances.  Lack of infrastructure, inadequate transport system and non-appointment of full-time Principal in GPP  has become a hindrance to the students. The students are demanding their “basic rights” for a productive learning environment, since the current situation is “unsuitable”.  The infrastructure in the polytechnics is inadequate to enable the institutions to provide high-quality teaching. It is insufficient to meet the industry demand and there is lack of necessary equipment for efficient practical training.  Apart from lack of funds, lack of placements, lack of access to quality digital content as the world moves to digital education and training, among others. The GPP needs to be equipped with the right skills, abilities and infrastructure.  The government should prepare a plan to meet all of the students’ demands, which include a full-time principal.

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