Wednesday 28 Sep 2022

Voters believe that freebies are their legitimate right

NELSON LOPES, Chinchinim | AUGUST 09, 2022, 08:36 PM IST

Freebies culture is a  welfare scheme as politicians would like us to believe. It is detestable when opposition-ruled States resort to it, not when Centre and States ruled by the BJP do it.

The freebies come from taxes paid by the citizens. Often those who do need it enjoy the entitlement without restrictions. Hence it is not a productive way of using scarce resources. Every politician extending largesse is from ill-gotten wealth, which is the root cause of rampant corruption and fraud.

Look at the  tax freebies enjoyed by our legislators and parliamentarians, ex-presidents, PMs, etc like free housing, free electricity, inverters, postage,  phones, travel, fuel, interest-free loans for cars, housing. medical treatment  abroad,  subsidized food,  pensions, chauffeurs, security guards, attendants, etc. In fact these facilities are increased without any debate or objection.  Scrutiny has shown that there is misuse and abuse of these freebies supported by politicians to please their voter base. Voters are no more averse as they  believe that like politicians it is their legitimate share and right.

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