'Oh really...Don't teach me tourism'

The development seen in Calangute today is because of my hard work

Navin Jha / The Goan | DECEMBER 15, 2012, 12:37 PM IST

The Goan:  You arebeing accused by your party MLA, Michael Lobo of being insensitive to the needsof tourism in the State. Your reaction?

Dilip Parulekar: The allegations are totally false andbaseless. What development is being seen in Calangute today is because of myhard work and started in my tenure. Within eight months we have taken updevelopmental works. But if one wants all development at one place and at onego then it’s not possible. I am not a magician. 

TG: Why are your encroachment related drives on tourismdepartment property more restricted to Calangute constituency than anywhereelse?

DP: Calangute is a destination which is world famous and ourintention is to bring all round development not only in Calangute but all thebeaches in Goa. We intend to remove all encroachments in order to create moretourism infrastructure facilities. This has nothing to do with targeting anyone particular beach stretch.

TG: Do you have a problem with the Calangute MLA?

DP: No not at all. He is my good friend and my districtpresident from North Goa. If he tells me anything about the party then I willlisten to him. But in case of tourism portfolio I won’t take advice fromanyone, as I am the minister.

TG: Your party man says that you are a wrong man on theright chair, your reaction?

DP: What he says may be right but history would reveal thatwhat I have done in eight months no leader could do in the last 50 years. Thusit could be out of jealously. I am not a hotelier nor restaurant owner and thuscannot cook. But I am a businessman who knows how to project Goa at theinternational level

TG: The Calangute MLA has also been accusing you of notincluding him in the development of tourism industry.

DP: It is totally wrong statement as I have always taken himinto confidence. But before we come to any conclusion he makes noises againstme. However as the party has given me an opportunity I will perform and whenthe party asks me to leave the chair I will do so.

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