Tuesday 18 Jun 2024

Building confidence among PwDs through robotics and coding

The Goan Network | JANUARY 14, 2024, 12:56 AM IST

Asier led a robotics and coding class at International Purple Fest so that everyone could enjoy the robots built by students with disabilities. Asier Solutions, a Margao-based company, dedicated time to educating students in robotics and programming, spearheading this remarkable initiative and providing technical guidance and training to these enthusiastic young minds.

There were four teams who qualified for a competition. Each team, consisting of eight members from Gujarati Samaj School in Margao, Sanjay School for Special Education in Porvorim, and Lok Vishwas Pratishthan in Ponda, built their robots from scratch, guided by Asier Solutions’ expertise. They had intensive four-day training sessions, supported by a dedicated translator, that ensured clear communication and allowed students to understand the complexities of robot assembly and operation.

Pranav Naik, Project Manager at Asier Solutions, says, “Witnessing the dedication and passion of these youngsters for technology has been truly inspiring. We are confident that these exceptional students will continue to achieve great things.”

He added, “As educators, we recognise the unique learning styles and capabilities of every individual. Their willingness to learn and understand new concepts reflects on our own training experiences. They’re putting their all into creating a formidable robot for the upcoming arena; the competition that will take place from January 25 to 28 provides an exciting opportunity for participants to demonstrate their dedication and talent. Just as these students inspire us, we must acknowledge their equal standing with other children and celebrate their distinct ways of learning and accomplishing.”

Macy, a disabled student from Gujarati Samaj, talks about her experience, saying, “We were guided through the process of making and controlling a robot using coding and remote control. We had a great time practicing and solving problems together. I enjoyed the hands-on experience and learning new skills. I definitely recommend it to others. It’s brought me to the thrill and potential of coding.”

Asier Solutions has been doing their bit to power inclusiveness. Children with disabilities at the workshop, armed with information and support, are not only making robots but also gaining confidence and a better future.

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