Pilar Music Academy promotes world peace in song, dance

Releasing on the Academy's YouTube channel today, the song involves 86 countries, 69 live recorded instruments, 72 singers and 316 artistes across all continents

Pilar Music Academy promotes world peace in song, dance

Some of the participating artistes from Goa.

World Peace Day: September 21


A song on world peace has been released by the Pilar Music Academy involving 86 countries, 69 live recorded instruments, 72 singers and 316 artistes across all continents through music and dance unite to pray for an era of Golden Peace.

The song was released to public on a big screen at the Fr Rob Galea live concert event at Pilar September 9 and will be available on the YouTube channel of Pilar Music Academy of Pilar Fathers Goa from September 21.

Fr Myron Sequeira, sfx, Director of Pilar Music Academy, and the person instrumental in the huge collaboration of renowned personalities, said the song “Golden Peace” is composed and set to music by Fr Jerry Fernandes, sfx, presently serving in a Goan Chaplaincy Parish in London.

“Initially, the idea was to record only 3 singers, as the song had 3 verses. Andrew Ferrao prepared the initial track and recorded the voices of Goan Singers Alacoque Morenas, Shamirah Aguiar, Ana fay Goes Petalio, Ryan Mark and Naisa Lotlekar,” said Fr Sequeira.

“Adding another dimension to the song, a rap part is a new edition written and recorded by Sharlaine Menezes a popular rap singer from Goa. The song has a pre intro arranged by me showcasing various traditional instruments and sounds. The fourth verse by Fr Jerry himself is another addition in this version of song.”

Fr Myron Sequeira

“While I was in Mumbai for my studies in music production and sound engineering, I came across more singers and musicians and when I expressed my idea, they too were interested in becoming part of the song and soon we had a representation from every state of India.”

“I then connected with musicians from around the world through an Instagram group. I came across youngsters and so many musicians playing variety of traditional instruments, which I had never seen before.”

Fr Sequeira said he would send them the basic music and they would improvise and send back.

“It was a real challenge to work from a distance. I recollect an incident where in a mother of a young girl named Angelina McFarlane from Ukraine, who just before they could record my song, had no access to go back to their home, and had to settle as refugees in Spain. She then recorded her part with great difficulty as a refugee in Spain but with great gladness.”

“A year back protest in Iran and poor network connectivity in their Country made me hold back the release as there were nearly 40 amazing participants from there; some were still left to send the video parts which they did after few months.”

Fr Sequeira says over a period of 2 years, it was an enriching experience to personally connect with 316 artistes, communicate at different time zones, use Google translator when needed.

“The song has a wide range of live recorded instruments which you will get to see in the song video along with the instrument name, name of the participant and their respective country. The song has been mixed and mastered by Joe DCosta, (Goa) who works as a music producer in Bollywood industry and Arijit Chakraborty (Proprietor School of Bollywood music- Mumbai).

“Every artiste has recorded their respective videos in a natural setting or a historic place in their country, some even donning their traditional costumes. It was really a challenge for me to include a part or more of every artiste as their footage was fascinating at the same time had to accommodate everyone. I’m confident this collective effort and teamwork will surely inspire many youngsters, to do something great in the future and use music as a weapon to foster peace and harmony,” he said.

Fr Myron Sequeira sfx, is a Pilar Priest who hails from Socorro. He is a versatile musician playing over a dozen of instruments, and has done grades from Trinity College London in violin, piano, western vocals (Rock & Pop), theory of music and holds a diploma in music production and sound engineering from the School of Bollywood Music, Mumbai.

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