Tuesday 19 Jan 2021

Nappy New Year: 60,000 births in India alone

On January 1, the world was expecting 3.7 crore babies across in 10 countries, 60K of these in India alone

| JANUARY 02, 2021, 12:40 AM IST

An estimated 60,000 babies were expected to be born in India on January 1, while the global estimate stands at 3.7 lakhs for New Year’s Day, according to UNICEF. 

For the estimates, UNICEF used vital registration and nationally representative household survey data to evaluate the monthly and daily fractions of births in countries.

The UNICEF used the annual live births numbers and period life expectancy from the latest revision of the UN’s World Population Prospects (2019) to estimate the babies born on 1 January 2021 and their cohort life expectancy.

Globally, over half of these births are estimated to take place in 10 countries with India (59,995) leading the way.

Closely following India, will be China which is expected to have 35,615 new babies. Nigeria (21,439), and Pakistan (14,161) and other countries like Indonesia (12,336), Ethiopia (12,006), the United States (10,312), Egypt(9,455), Bangladesh (9,236) and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (8,640) are also expected to have a high number of births.

In a press release by UNICEF, UNICEF India Country Representative, Dr Yasmin Ali Haque recognised the challenges that India has faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, and said, “Anticipating and addressing the potential impact of the pandemic is crucial if we are to prevent a roll back of gains made in saving the lives of children. As we do so, we must also think long term, to build back a better world when the crisis finally recedes. The pandemic has shown us the need for systems and policies to be in place to protect people all the time, not just in the event of a crisis. Under its Reimagine campaign, UNICEF appeals to governments, private sector entities, donors and all partners to join hands and lay the groundwork for building back better, to assure every child’s right to survive and thrive is protected and promoted at all times.”

An additional thousand babies are surviving each day due to India’s efforts under the India Newborn Action Plan 2014 - 2020. A million newborns with special needs survive each year due to the additional 320 district level Special Newborn Care Units established during this period. The Government of India has renewed its commitment towards ending preventable newborn mortality and strengthening services and systems for early childhood development.

In total, approximately 140 million children will be born in the year 2021. The average life expectancy of these children is expected to be 84 years.

“The children born today enter a world far different than even a year ago, and a New Year brings a new opportunity to reimagine it,” said UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore. “Children born today will inherit the world we begin to build for them—today. Let us make 2021 the year we start to build a fairer, safer, healthier world for children.”

“Today, as the world faces a global pandemic, economic slowdown, rising poverty and deepening inequality, the need for UNICEF’s work is as great as ever,” said Fore. “For the last 75 years, throughout conflicts, displacements, natural disasters and crises, UNICEF has been there for the world’s children. As a New Year dawns, we renew our commitment to protect children, to speak up for their rights, and to make sure their voices are heard, no matter where they live.”

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