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The party just got over

Mandate of five beach beds has changed into five pairs

Navin Jha / The Goan | DECEMBER 08, 2012, 11:55 AM IST

The intention of the State government to bring in disciplinebesides providing safe and clean beaches under its Beach Shack Policy hasactually failed to bring out any revolutionary changes on ground zero.

Except for issuing of printed food bills in shacks all otherrules are trampled.

Although the North Goa shack owners are doing their best tofollow the new government policy and guidelines, there are few who have changedgovernment’s mandate of five beach beds into five pairs of beach beds.

Surprisingly this offence has skipped the attention ofspecial task force which was set up to patrol the beaches and act onillegalities.

Actually the special task force is ignorant of the beachpolicy.

When The Goan contacted some of the Goa Armed Policeofficial’s team seeking to know whether they were aware of the shack policy, itwas surprising to note that none of the policemen were aware of the shackpolicy or had any copy of the same.

But they proudly claim that they attend weekly meetingsconvened by the department on every Monday in which shack policy is broadlydiscussed.

These police stay put at one place and refuse to patrol inthe hot sun. Although their duty is supposed to be from 9 am to 6 pm theyreport only after 11 am and wind up as per their convenience.

Inspite of government’s decision to restrict private beds onbeaches they are flouted in Candolim and Baga beach. However the restrictionshave affected private beach bed suppliers.

Private beach bed operators like Joaquim D’Souza, AlexFernandes, Tony Cardozo who have been running this business for decades claimthat their application is pending before the state government since last twomonths.

Although collection of garbage is not up to mark, the mainissue which has hit the business of shack operators is the time restrictions onmusic.

“North Goa is famous for music and sea food. But with thetime restriction on music we are facing 75 percent comparative loss in businessthis year,” said Rasel Maskel, a shack operator from Candolim. 

Moreover the government’s attempt to bring out restrictionson beach shacks has had severe impact on regular business, even during the peaktourist season.

According to some shack owners the business is the lowestever in the history of the shacks.

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