The bookie of Betim and his web of friends

June 01, 2013

Once, distributor of tender coconut in Tiswadi, now hardened collector of IPL betting money

Betting does change fortunes. Becoming a bookie even changes lives. Shabuddin Sayyad started off  as a tender coconut vendor at the KTC bus stand in Panjim, went on to become a distributor of coconuts, dabbled in lotteries ( and that’s what his life is), made the transition to matka betting and finally landed in the ultimate theatre of dreams for all bookies- the hallowed Indian Paisa League (IPL)

He is not unknown. Imbedded sources in the Goa police confirm that they know about him, major players in Casinos know of him, the matka empire worships him and for all your know some specific “fixed” bets based on complaint players like the tainted Rajasthan Royals trio may have been placed by him.

But the bookie business, as the countrywide investigations show is a team game. The Goan introduces you to a part of the team that handled the IPL betting/bookie business that the Goa police are officially in the dark about

Shabuddin Sayyad: Resident of Betim in Bardez is in clearly the kinpin of one of the biggest groups. From the time the IPL started, Sayyad has been camping in Ajmer

“Lambu”- Known only as Lambu, the man is actually very short. Known widely as a “junket” or a funder for many casino players, Lambu has made the short transition to the world of IPL betting. Spends less physical time in Goa but connected to Shabuddin 

N. Naik, also known as R. Naik, is a next level bookie based in Margao where he deals with many South Goa based clients. He reports to Shabuddin. More importantly, he is related to a an active south goa ex MLA

Paresh, Saifulla, Guljar, Sunil: Other Goa based associates of this syndicate.

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