DNA-Goa wants internet to reach every house

the goan I network | DECEMBER 19, 2017, 07:02 PM IST

Digital Network Associates (DNA)-Goa, a high speed internet service provider, has set its sight on taking internet to each and every household in the state. Apart from that, DNA-Goa is also planning to increase its presence in institutional space to corporates and offices by providing internet through broadband and leased line.
DNA is actually a Mumbai based company, which has recently started its operations in Goa. Samir Sawant, Director, DNA, said, "We are providing end-to-end optic fibre based internet connection, which is called ‘FTTH' technology, which no one in Goa is providing. Other internet service providers are using FTTB technology, wherein they take fibre to your building, but then use copper to give internet connection to your flat. On the other hand, DNA gives you end-to-end optical fibre cable whether you are an enterprise user or a retail user."
The most affordable plan DNA-Goa has in the state provides 2.5 Mbps speed at Rs 599 basic price for 30 days. The company's management said that the internet speed does not come down with their plans no matter how much consumers download.
Sawant continued, "We are partnered with internet giants like Google, Amazon, Netflix, Akamai and even Microsoft. Due to this, these giants offer content to our customer at the highest speed of 100 Mbps. Suppose a customer opts for 2.5 Mbps plan and he wants to watch a HD video on Youtube or a movie on Netflix or a web series of Amazon Prime, then he will be automatically allotted 100 mbps at zero cost."
Vivekanand Naik, Chief Executive Officer, DNA, said, "We have a 24 X 7 call centre, which works even on Sundays. All problems are solved within 24 hours of receiving complaints." Within just 3 months of launch of its Goa office, DNA has already taken its presence to most urban areas of the state. Raghu Shetiye, Partner, DNA-Goa, said, "Our idea is to connect all of Goa with internet. Every house should have an internet connection. We want to take high quality internet to every nook and corner of the state."
DNA has brought in a lot of best practices in the internet space in Goa already. Sawant explained, "We are coming from Mumbai, which has helped us in implementing universal standards in Goa of keeping installation charges either flat or no installation charges at all. In cities like Panaji and Margao, we don't charge any installation charges at all."
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