Arrest the people who make the decisions

| FEBRUARY 02, 2013, 11:21 AM IST

Rupees five lakh -- is it the cost of seven year old girlchild who gets raped? This is what Mormugao Port Trust Chairman, Mara Pandiyanseems to boast about, while attempting to compensate the innocent rape victimand her family, but allegedly with powers vested in him, possibly passed ordersdown the line for cover up action to shove this heinous crime under the carpet.If not the reason for his silence until demanded by the parents.

Most inhumane, disgusting, irresponsible is the attitude ofCEO of Mormugao Port Trust and its bunch of senior executives who havemiserably failed in their duty and have to be equally held responsible andbooked for negligence which led to the rape of the minor student.

The delay in registering a police complaint immediately bythe school authorities and the management gives an impression that every effortwas made to hash up the case. The delay only meant that every effort was madeto destroy the material evidence by washing the victim’s clothes.  If there was some seriousness on the part ofMormguao Port Trust, which manages the affairs of the school then one opinesthat the Rupees five lakhs reward should be been announced to those who wouldprovide vital details of the alleged accused who is on the run.

 If the schoolheadmistress has to be believed that there exists records of the Parent TeacherAssociation meeting minutes where in issues pertaining to safety of schoolchildren is concerned being discussed then the members of the PTA should alsobe booked as per law for negligence. The school headmistress, class teacher,the clerk has been placed under suspension for negligence but it’s surprisingthat the Central Industrial Security Force personnel who were on duty continueto serve the security force despite their carelessness in allowing an intruderin the school premises.

Having given to understand that the alleged accused did makeattempts to move into the school premises and was promptly asked to leave theschool, which he failed, wonder why the Headmistress did not report the matterto the CISF or even inform the police on the presences of an intruder which canendanger lives of innocent children.

The Headmistress has been arrested and released on bail fornegligence and is under interrogation amidst the political factions demandingaction. But what has not been reported and demanded so far is the role of theMPT Officials. Why they were so mum for nearly seven hours and whether thelapses committed by those placed under suspension were actually under theinstruction of these officials? Ignorance of civil and criminal procedurescannot be accepted from Senior IAS/ IRTS officers whose roles need to be probedas there should be a shadow of doubt even in the minds of the law enforcementagencies.

Let not only the persons arrested and placed undersuspension be made to face the legal music but also other abettors in the coverup plan so that everybody and every wrong thing done is paid for. Governmentsat the state and the centre has to take relative action.

Frankey Gerard Fernandes, Adelaide, Australia

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