Thursday 28 Sep 2023

Saffron mice are at play?

Ashley do Rosario with inputs from Antonio D'Silva and Warren Menezes | JUNE 02, 2023, 12:18 AM IST

In the run up to the last assembly elections in February 2022, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Goa which seemed to be facing widespread anti-incumbency swiftly effected many changes in its line-up, importing a significant number of prospective candidates from the other side. In the bargain, many of their senior stalwarts who were harbouring hopes of contesting the election got thrown by the way side.

Now, with the Lok Sabha polls less than a year away, some of these sidelined stalwarts are seemingly harbouring hopes of cornering the party's nomination for the North Goa seat, sensing that the party may just sideline the current incumbent, Shripad Naik, into the 'Margdarshak Mandal'. 

One such 'stalwart' is former minister and two-term Saligao MLA, Dilip Parulekar.

Ambition, is undoubtedly a trait considered a plus point for a politician, they say. But Parulekar's ambition and hopes of bagging the party nomination "if the Lok Sabha ticket is not given to Shripad Naik" elicited an amusing response from yet another saffron stalwart and former chief minister, Laxmikant Parsekar: "L.I. L. Loo L".

We presume what Parsekar had meant to post on one of the media Whatsapp groups he is part of, was LoL (laugh-out-loud) in reaction to a youtube video channel interview of Parulekar staking his claim to the North Goa seat, which was also posted on that group.

The saffron mice are indeed at play and there's enough warning in it for the cat (Shripad Naik) to be on the watch.

Bra, bra dekho!

We know of female fans besotted with their favourite stars throwing bras at live shows from the stage. But bras flung on roads?..... Never!

If locals in the know are to be believed more than 100 brassieres were lying sprewn along the Calvim-Aldona bridge and farther, on Wednesday.

Incidentally, this Calvim bridge is a favourite haunt for women from the locality who gather at the spot around sunset to spend time chit-chatting and having some fun may be.

The bra throwing prank, meanwhile has created quite a stir and has been a talking point among locals in the picturesque village of Aldona and beyond.

So, who was it and why was it done? More importantly, from where did so many bras come from?!

Well, the last we heard was that a local woman had lodged a complaint with the police stating that her house was broken into and besides some of her precious items, bras were also missing.

A collection of more than 100 bras had someone go nuts, perhaps!  

Will Canacona representatives 

go to sleep again after photo-op? 

On Monday, repair and hotmixing works of the Nagarcem-Chapoli road in Canacona were taken up at a cost of Rs 1.15 crore, four years after the laying of a water pipeline. In those four years, residents and commuters suffered due to the horrible roads, according to the Canacona Municipal Council chairperson himself. 

What took the authorities so long to initiate the works? There's no explanation of any sort but panch members, councillors, BJP karyakartas and PWD officials were quick to descend for Monday's photo-op. 

Where was the same urgency to carry out the road works? Now, with the monsoons threatening to be back, these Canacona representatives, will again go back into hibernation, for sure.

Who is getting fooled here?

In politics, it's always the naive and helpless citizens who end up getting fooled. Michael Bab on Tuesday fired at the Revolutionary Goans Party (RGP) accusing it of trying to fool Goans with the promise to ending the sale of land to migrants if the regional outfit comes to power. 

The turncoat said nobody can prevent Goans from selling their land to outsiders. "Show me the law?" he thundered.

"For the last four years, he has been talking and conning Goans,” Michael Bab went on, hitting out at the RGP supremo, Manoj Parab. 

The next day Michael Bab was trending on social media with memes showing the viewers who 'fooled' Goans just before the 2022 elections, fighting it on a Congress ticket and vowing before Gods not to ditch the party. Another clip showed juxtaposition with Michael Bab shouting in the Assembly about persons with 'black coats' approaching him. 

Citizens have been reminded of the games played in 2022 to fool voters. No prizes for guessing who is fooling whom.

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