Award-winning Goan Elvis tribute artiste moves, grooves Down Under

Award-winning Goan Elvis tribute artiste moves, grooves Down Under


There are Elvis Presley tribute artistes across the world who look up to their idol for inspiration in music, and adding to this list is an artiste of Goan origin who has already won multiple awards in Australia for moving and grooving like ‘Elvis’ on stage.

Gerard Mascarenhas, who is based in Perth and traces his roots to Margao, has already won the first place at the ARTC Virtual Elvis competition (Parkes Elvis festival - undiscovered category) for 2021, second place at the Elvis Down Under - New Zealand for 2022, third place at the Penrith Panthers Elvis Festival – Sydney for 2023 and has been among the Top 8 Finalist at the UETA competition – Parkes Elvis festival, Sydney for 2024.

In addition, he has also had TV appearances with three features on ‘The Couch’ Foxtel.


Gerard said his journey into music began as a child in his musically inclined family.

“While dancing was my forte, a subtle voice lingered in the background. Friends and schoolmates occasionally praised my singing, but I never took it seriously,” said Gerard.

“Growing up in a household music and dance were part of celebrations. I was a dreamer as a kid. Lost in my thoughts, I'd imagine myself on stage, moving to an unseen rhythm, earning curious looks from those around me.”

“In Goa, our family revelled in weddings, carnivals, and late-night club outings, dancing until the band called it a night in most cases at 4 am. This was back in the day.”

“My dad, a wonderful singer, would fill our home with casual tunes that never failed to amaze. Mom simply accompanied him. My sister who is 9 years older to me often tagged me along with her boyfriend (husband now) to festivals and parties and were excellent jive dancers, which I guess when I look back now unknowingly influenced me.”

After completing his school in Goa and a Bachelor's in hospitality, Gerard’s journey led him from cruise ships to flair bartending. 

“Mixing cocktails and flipping bottles became a thrilling routine, always intertwined with entertainment. I found myself working with dance groups, adding choreography to my repertoire,” said Gerard.


He moved to Perth in 2008 for further studies and completed his MBA in hospitality and tourism. Late nights returning from work was often accompanied by listening to Elvis music on his earphones which took him away from stress and tiredness.

“Life tossed curveballs, prompting me to reevaluate my source of happiness. Reconnecting with my love for entertainment, I stumbled upon karaoke at a local venue. People noticed, some even suggesting my voice had echoes of Elvis. A few free gigs at aged care homes, where Elvis's music struck a chord which boosted my confidence,” said Gerard.

During his free gigs, the main man of a band called the ‘Heartbeats’ spotted Gerard and asked him to come over for practice and eventually did a few successful shows with the band backing me.

Asked if he had any favourite Elvis songs, Gerard admitted: “There are too many to choose from and my favourites keeps changing everyday. I enjoy his gospel songs too.”

On how he mastered the moves and grooves of Elvis, Gerard said the moves came quite naturally.

“I do visualise myself on stage on the songs I would be performing and then just let the music take over on stage. For the look I had to lose weight, workout and follow a certain diet as I do the young Elvis.”

“For the hair, I had to experiment a lot, find the perfect barber who understood and spent hours in front of the mirror trying to get the shape. Now, it is just natural. I learnt to do my own makeup from YouTube.”

Commenting on his future plans, Gerard said his plan is make this journey bigger and enjoy the ride.

“I also eventually hope to have my own production company. I also hope to perform in various countries, especially in Goa and a few other states in India, as I think there is a niche market for Elvis and Rock n Roll music,” said Gerard.

“My wife's unwavering support and kids fuel my motivation. My journey from quiet beginnings to center stage is a testament to the power of simplicity and the joy of following one's passion,” he added.

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