Dynamic Duo: Vaz sisters make waves in world of Konkani music

Dynamic Duo: Vaz sisters make waves in world of Konkani music


When the High Commission of India in London had a Konkani song presented for the first time at the official Republic Day celebration, that honour was given to two sisters and upcoming stars from London, who have been making waves across the world.

Lanisha and Delisha Vaz are singers who sing in Konkani and English, and musicians who play multiple instruments and have a home recording studio where they record, mix and master their songs.

They were titled as ‘Melodious Konkani Stars’ by Dubai Director Rafael de Margao in his Tiatr ‘Apurbaieche Doug Khambe’ in 2016. They have also been recognised by their stage names ‘Dubai Little Stars’ and ‘Vaz Sisters’ for their performances in different parts of the world.


Born and brought up in Dubai, but now residents in London, Lanisha and Delisha are daughters of Pascoal Vaz and Laveena Vaz.

Their journey in music and singing started at a tender age of 6 when both won their first prize in Dubai. They have completed their music grades at the Trinity College of London and also play multiple instruments like keyboards, violin, ukulele, guitar, French horn, trumpet, and trombone.

So far, they have performed in many Konkani Tiatrs, Goan/Mangalorean musical shows. They have recorded their voices for 16 Konkani CD/DVD/VCDs, short films and TV shows etc., and have performed in USA, UK. Paris, Goa, Mangalore, Dubai, Sharjah, Kuwait and Bahrain.

They have recorded their voices for Konkani CD, DVD and short films.

Lanisha and Delisha along with their parents had come out with their debut Konkani album ‘Amchi Girestkai’ (DVD and CD) which was released at St Mary Church in Dubai on November 22, 2019. The album was also released across the world in USA, London, Paris, Cayman Islands, Australia, Gulf countries, Goa, and Mangalore.

Vaz sisters started their professional Tiatr journey in Dubai in 2014 in Rafael de Margao’s Tiatr ‘Devachem Dennem’ and this year, Delisha played a lead child artist role in Irineau Gonsalves’s Tiatr ‘Moddli Vaat’ in Dubai.

They have been singing, music or acting on the Konkani stage for a decade now, and Lanisha and Delisha will always be grateful to all the directors, composers, organisers and the audience for their love and support.


The sisters have won a number of prizes in singing competitions and in their music career.

During the lockdown, Lanisha and Delisha won the first prize in the Alfred Rose online singing competition in August 2020, followed by Lawry Travasso’s Singer No. 1 Global Online Singing Competition 2020 in Goa and first prize at the SKA London, UK singing competition in the solo and duo categories.

Delisha also won the second place in the solo singing contest at ‘Modhur Talo’, a singing competition hosted by the Goan Chaplaincy in Swindon.

The sisters were recently awarded as ‘Best International Singer of Konkani Stage’ by Rafael de Majorda (Central Bakery Santo Estavam) in 2024.

They have been felicitated by many Tiatr directors, organisers for their contribution for their melodious singing and for promoting Konkani language.

Lanisha and Delisha believe that their biggest motivation, inspiration, encouragement, mentor and support have been their parents, Pascoal Vaz, hailing from Vasco, and Laveena Vaz, hailing from Mangalore.

They were recently given the rare honour of presenting a Konkani song at the 75th Republic Day at the High Commission of India in London. Recommended by Clayton Barreto, a Goan who serves as the social secretary to the High Commissioner, Lanisha and Delisha sang the song ‘Ami Soglim Ek’, originally composed and sung by the Goan legend, late Alfred Rose.


Currently, Lanisha is pursuing a degree in Biomedical Science and Delisha is doing her final year A levels.

Both sisters have plans to continue to sing Konkani songs in Tiatrs, record songs and produce more Youtube videos (Lanisha Delisha Music Production, UK).

They plan to keep entertaining their audience and their love and passion for Konkani will continue, keeping the Konkani flag higher wherever they go.

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