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HCI celebrates Goa's state foundation day in London

LUI GODINHO | MAY 10, 2024, 11:18 PM IST
HCI celebrates Goa's state foundation day in London

Indian High Commissioner H.E. Vikram Doraiswami and participants of different states celebrating their State Foundation Days in the High Commission of India in London.

Goan music, dance and cuisine was presented as Goa along with Maharashtra, Gujarat, Odisha and Sikkim celebrated their State Foundation Days at the High Commission of India Office in London on May 3. Goa was made the 25th State of India on May 30, 1987.
Each of the five states was requested to put together a cultural performance to represent their respective state in the Gandhi Hall at the HCI.
The HCI requested the Goan Association UK to represent Goa and plan the preparations for the event.
The Indian High Commissioner H.E. Vikram Doraiswami and Minister of Coordination Deepak Choudhary were present at the event.

A Goan Dekhni folk dance presented by ‘Goans R Us’ at the Goa State Foundation Day.

The Gandhi Hall was packed with dignitaries and guests from the Indian diaspora. The Goan contingent was attended by the Goan Association Board, President Ravi Vaz and his spouse Jennifer Vaz, Vice President Juliette De Menezes and her spouse Jason De Menezes, Finance Director Flavio Gracias, Social and PR Director Chloe De Mendonca and Sally De Mendonca, Neil De Mendonca from the Goan Welfare Society, Mark Silva of the Youth Goan Association, Derrick and Elaine Perreira from the Help a Poor Child, Mary Anne Cordeiro from the Cordeiro Foundation, and Great British Bake Off Finalist Crystelle Pereira.
The evening began with a welcome address by Deepak Choudhary, followed by singing of the Indian National Anthem.
A video presentation celebrating the history, natural beauty, and diversity of each of the states was presented. This was followed by an inspirational address by the Indian High Commissioner who spoke fondly of Goa and the other states.
He encouraged the audience to explore the various states in India and experience its diversity and not just limit themselves to the states they came from.


The much-awaited performances of the various states began with the opening acts from Goa.
The talented sisters Lanisha and Delisha Vaz opened the evening with their Konkani song ‘Jivit Goemkaranchem’, a well-known song by the late Alfred Rose depicting the life of a Goan. Lanisha Vaz showcased her skills on the keyboards while Delisha Vaz accompanied her on the violin, together delivering a powerful live performance that thrilled those present at the event.
This set the mood for the rest of the evening with the audience clapping their hands and tapping their feet to the Goan rhythm.
The next Goan performance was the Goan Dekhni folk dance by ‘Goans R Us’ to the Goan song ‘Hanv Saiba Polltodi Vetam’. The ‘Goans R Us’ group was represented by Rosy D'Silva, Vincila Carvalho, Sherona Fernandes, Veron Gracias and Julia D'Souza, who danced gracefully.
The audience loved the Goan cultural performance, and they were greeted with an overwhelming applause from the audience.
The acts from other states were also vibrant and enthralling. Sikkim performed their first performance at the IHC with a song and dance. This was followed by graceful classical dances by Odisha. The next performance was traditional Garba dance by Gujarat. Maharashtra performed the closing act of the evening with folk dance of Lavni and Lezim dancing to the drumbeats of Dhol Tasha which ended the evening on a high.
Mouth-watering traditional snacks and refreshments were served in the adjacent hall by all the five states which were enjoyed by the guests.


G.O.A. UK President Ravi Vaz said the event was truly a memorable experience celebrating the amazing culture and cuisines the five states had to offer.
“This was also a great opportunity to network with one another and the to listen to people share their personal experience of their visit to these states. Goa has always been a special place in everybody’s heart no matter where they originate from,” said Ravi Vaz.

Members of the Goan contingent at the Goa State Foundation Day in the High Commission of India in London.

‘Goans R Us’ group leader Rosy D'Silva said her group decided to perform Goa’s popular Dekhni to a Western rhythm and Indian melody to commemorate Goa’s 'State Foundation Day' at the HCI.
“I was honoured to have been asked to perform with my group. It was a well organised event. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting people from other states of India and also savouring a variety of snacks and sweets from those states. Long may our Goan culture and traditions last,” said Rosy.
Lanisha and Delisha Vaz said the event not only celebrated the diverse cultures of the Indian states but also highlighted the rich musical heritage of Goa, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.
The sisters said they took great pride in representing Goa, highlighting the diverse culture, language, and distinctiveness to the audience.
Clayton Barreto, Social Secretary to the High Commissioner and the lone Goan at the High Commission of India (HCI), had been instrumental in getting Goa included in many events when given the opportunity and made sure Goa was included in the State Foundation Day this year.
“I could not be present at the event on account of a personal commitment. But I made sure Goa was one of the states included this year. I was briefed by the officials and those present that the event went well,” said Barreto.

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