Saturday 26 Nov 2022

Konkani music enthrals Goans in Melbourne

Konkani music enthrals Goans in Melbourne

Musicians and singers who performed at the ‘Goan Konkani Musical Show’ in Melbourne.


Goans in Melbourne were treated to some nostalgic Konkani music on September 24, to mark the 90th birthday celebrations of legendary melody king Alfred Rose.

The ‘Goan Konkani Musical Show’ at the St John’s Church Durkin Hall, Mitcham-Melbourne featured several musicians and singers from Melbourne, while Sanio Fernandes flew in from Dubai to entertain the gathering with his songs. Australian Kath Mae surprised the gathering by singing Konkani song, ‘Lisboa,’ originally sung by Lorna Cordeiro.

There were 24 songs performed at the show, which included classics by Late Alfred Rose. A special presentation on the life of Alfred Rose on his 90th birth anniversary was screened for the audience.

The star attraction, Sanio Fernandes, enthralled the audience with the songs ‘Padri Pasoth’, ‘Sorgechim Denim’, ‘Noketr Udentichem’, ‘Pavsacher Tempar’ and ‘Sezari’.

Among the various other performances included the songs ‘Dhaktulem Nanvan’ by Serene Sequeira, a young Goan talent of Melbourne, and ‘Tum Mhojem Sukh’ by Mylene and Jovan Vales.

Mario Carvalho sang the songs ‘Mareg Obseog’, ‘Kan Konnanche’, ‘Mogachea Lina’ and ‘Air Crash and Bus Accident’, while Melville and Titus scrutinised important cultural and political issues of modern Goa in a lighter vein with the song ‘Adlea Tempar’.

The Voice of Melbourne, Sarojini D’Sa performed the song ‘Don Kalzam’ and ‘Jurament’, while Vanessa and Arnold Afonso sang ‘Kazar Zaunchea Adim’.

‘Pai-n Oklek Chorli’ was sung by the trio Sanio, Josefato and Felipe, while Serene Sequeira and Mario Carvalho performed the song ‘Sopnan Distolom’.

‘Angounn’, a Mando written by Cruz Noronha, also known as Cruz Jazzwalla, was also performed at the show, while Vanessa and Arnold sang the song ‘Amorechea Mandar’ and Josefato Vales sang ‘Bela Bela’.

The event also featured a skit ‘Let's go Fishing in Goa’, which was presented by Felipe, Titus and Ursula.

Besides the music, the audience was treated to some Goan food catered by Lia and Filipe Dias. The show was hosted by Titus Fernandes.

The event was organised by Mario Carvalho, Josefato Vales, Felipe Dias and Titus Fernandes with an aim to showcase Goan culture and traditions.

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