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Konkani poetry takes centre stage in London

Konkani poetry takes centre stage in London

Poets and their families at the first poetry meet of Konkani Kovita Academy of UK.


The Konkani Kovita Academy (KKA) of UK in collaboration with Youth Goan Association UK, organised the first-ever Konkani Kovi Som’melon (Poets’ Meet) in the United Kingdom at St Anselm’s Catholic Church Hall, Southall, London, on November 5.

Reputed Konkani poets along with renowned social personalities and young, budding and talented youngsters participated in the literary event ‘London Kovita Tinsanz 2023’.

KKA UK President Mariano Lucas Diniz, a seasoned poet, addressed the gathering, recited a few of his popular poems and released his book of poems ‘Tuji Xokti’ which has been published by Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA).

KKA UK General Secretary Daisy Rodrigues recited an emotional poem on fatherhood ‘Tukach Polletam’ and released her own published poetry collection ‘Sopnantli Ranni’ published by Jivit Prokaxonn.

Eminent poet Adrian Fernandes recited some of his popular poems and gifted away his published book of poems ‘Vot Ani Paus’, published by DKA, to the Konkani radio show Konkani Uloi London Fuloi for broadcasting purposes.

Mother-daughter duo KKA UK Vice-President Joyce De Souza and Ariana Fernandes recited the poems composed by Adrian Fernandes, ‘Avaz’ and ‘Pausachem Chitr’ respectively.

Founding member and facilitator of KKA UK RJ Roque Vaz recited his own composition ‘Konkani Bhas’, followed by Treasurer Bihula Vaz’s recitation of ‘Kovita’, a Konkani poem about the concept of Konkani poetry by RJ Roque Vaz.

Social worker Elvis Fernandes praised the efforts of the KKA UK in promoting and spreading the importance of the Konkani language. Appealed for efforts to work towards the preservation of Konkani language and Goenkarponn overseas for future generations, Fernandes promised all future help and support.

KKA UK President Mariano Lucas Diniz expressed gratitude and satisfaction about the event and stressed the importance of youngsters coming forward to compose poems, essays and stories in the Konkani language.

He informed that most Konkani poems are now broadcast on the popular radio show ‘Konkani Uloi London Fuloi’.

During this poetic occasion, Mariano Lucas Diniz handed over some books of poetry published by DKA to the President of Youth Goan Association UK Mark Silva to be studied and read by youngsters in the United Kingdom.

The books were handed over to Diniz by famed Konkani litterateur and former president of DKA Vincy Quadros during the former’s trip to Goa.

The DKA works to protect and promote Konkani language in Roman Script. Its aim is to support a number of writers of Konkani in Roman script to publish their books.

The DKA also strives to establish, organise and recognise schools, other educational institutions and activities for the promotion and development of Konkani language, literature and culture.

It promotes research of the past and present literary production in Konkani language and in all other living forms of Konkani language, literature and culture.

It also holds and organises seminars, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, lectures and competitions of different types and fosters other appropriate means for the study and development of Konkani language, literature and culture.


Europe’s first-ever Konkani Kovita Academy of UK elected its first core managing committee at a special meeting at the St Anselm’s Catholic Church, Southall, on June 4.

The managing committee for a three-year term consists of Konkani poet Mariano Lucas Diniz (President), community organiser Joyce De Souza (Vice President), a poet Steve Franky Varela (General Secretary), Creative Director of the Konkani radio show ‘Konkani Uloi London Fuloi’ Bihula Vaz (treasurer), young Goan Mark Monteiro (Public Relations Officer) and youth leader Mark Silva (Youth Ambassador).

RJ Roque Vaz, who is the founder member of KKA UK and current President of Golden Goa Association, Southampton, said: “It has been my dream to set up a Konkani Kovita Academy on European soil to develop, promote and preserve Konkani poetry for posterity.”

"We are extremely pleased that we have begun the process of building this Academy from scratch. It will be a rugged journey ahead but our founding members are determined, dedicated and resilient personalities who will work hard to realise the aims of the Academy,”

Mark Silva and RJ Vaz are working closely to establish a library of Konkani books, which will be used by Goans of all ages for special activities aimed at learning and developing Konkani literature.

Vaz admitted that Konkani poetry is a beautiful part of Konkani literature but it has not reached the height of popularity, showmanship and glamour in comparison to Konkani songs, which enjoy immense viewership and dish out entertainment, especially on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

“It will be the endeavour and challenge of the KKA UK to popularise the concept of Konkani poetry as a form of literary art, especially among the younger generation on the international stage of Konkani literature. Composing a Konkani poem from scratch and then reciting it is not just an exciting way to learn and promote our Konkani language but an academic exercise too,” says Vaz.

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