Programme on transforming higher education today

THE GOAN NETWORK | JUNE 06, 2024, 10:45 PM IST


School of Liberal Studies and BML Munjal University has organised a programme on ‘Transforming Higher Education - Bridging Environment and Development Perspectives’ with a talk by Madhav Gadgil, ecologist and the founder of the Centre for Ecological Sciences, IISc and the former DD Kosambi Research Professor in Interdisciplinary Studies, Goa University on June 7 at 5 pm in Pune.

The talk would be followed by discussions with Ashish Kothari, founder member, Kalpavriksh and Amita Baviskar, Dean, Faculty and Professor of Environmental Studies and Sociology and Anthropology, Ashoka University, Delhi. The programme can be attended online. The talk would focus on topics such as: Can we envision education beyond disciplinary training for young minds? Can we move from preparing students for the workforce that are inherently exploitative of labour and nature in the name of development? Instead, can education serve as a catalyst for promoting a new development paradigm - one that is environmentally conscious and fosters a nature-oriented mindset?

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