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Stone painting workshop in Keri primary school

| MARCH 18, 2023, 01:04 AM IST

PANAJI: A stone painting workshop was conducted for primary school children at a government school in Keri-Sattari by drawing teacher Prathamesh Chodankar. The kids were told to bring stones of various shapes and guided how to paint them. The teacher taught them how to select a stone, and decide which drawing would suit its size, and how to colour them permanently.

“These kids would be motivated to go close to nature, respect it and make the best out of even a stone. Our goal was just this, that they create beautiful artefacts out of even a simple stone that usually is neglected piece on earth,” stated Chodankar.

The workshop was conducted in the presence of headmistress Trupti Gaonkar was attended by students.

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