Tuesday 15 Jun 2021

Webinar on visual supports by SETHU on June 19

| JUNE 11, 2021, 12:51 AM IST


SETHU centre for child development and family guidance has organised a workshop/webinar for parents on topics - why visual supports are a magic wand in ASD, how to start using them, simple ways to make visual supports and how to know if they are working. The webinar will be conducted by Dr Nandita de Souza on June 19, at 3-4.30 pm virtually on Google Meet and the language of communication will be English. The fees are Rs 300. 

“Humans love pictures! We all generally learn better by seeing. Children with autism are expert visual learners. This session will enable parents to strengthen their child’s learning through the use of visual support. These are ways of making what we know, say, want and plan into something we can see, understand and remember. Your child’s behaviour, communication and cooperation will also improve,” says Dr Nandita, founder, SETHU. To register for the webinar click on the link - https://forms.gle/sHLTD4YbV7xczhmR7

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