IMA awareness programme on ‘Safe Sound’ on June 10

THE GOAN NETWORK | JUNE 05, 2023, 11:56 PM IST


Indian Medical Association HQs, in its commitment for Safe Sound is organizing a nation-wide awareness programme on June 10 all over the country to educate the public about the ill-effects of noise pollution and the precautions to prevent the effects. State and local branches of IMA will be organising various activities on June 10 in their respective States. These activities include walkathon with placards in the hands on ‘Safe Sound’, discussions and deliberations on issues related to safe sound, involving the local MPs, MLAs, judges, police officers etc. Posters, flyers and other logistics would be made available by the chairman and members of the IMA Standing Committee for Safe Sound. IMA HQs is also organizing a 3 km walkathon from India Gate to IMA HQs followed by a lecture by the Experts on Safe Sound at IMA HQs on June 10. It will be attended by the medical professionals, administrative officers etc, stated Dr Anilkumar J Nayak, honorary secretary general, IMA.

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