Balli villagers stop truck suspected of carrying fish processing effluents

The Goan Network | APRIL 18, 2024, 01:36 AM IST


Tension flared in Balli village as residents halted a truck suspected of carrying effluent from a nearby fish processing plant, leading to a confrontation between villagers and industry representatives.

Concerned, the Cuncolim Police requested additional reinforcements from district headquarters. Villagers complained of ongoing pollution from the plant’s effluents, dumped in a nearby stone quarry, evident from the foul odour pervading the area.

Suspecting the truck of transporting effluents from the Cuncolim IDC, locals stopped it, demanding action. Despite police intervention, villagers persisted, insisting on proof of legal disposal. 

They demanded documentation from the truck and plant owners to validate effluent disposal permissions. 

Cuncolim Police station in-charge, PI Diogo Gracias, reported both parties brought to the station, where tensions remained high. Throughout Wednesday, both groups remained at the police station, awaiting resolution.

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