Thursday 08 Jun 2023

Govt effects 100% hike in GCZMA scrutiny fee

Shacks will have to shell out Rs 1K per sq mt Beach weddings and events Rs 1 lakh per day

THE GOAN NETWORK | MAY 27, 2023, 12:48 AM IST

The Goa government’s environment department has spiked the ‘scrutiny fee’ of the Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority (GCZMA) by almost 100 per cent for certain categories of structures in the CRZ areas.

Under the new fee structure notified, temporary structures on beaches and beach weddings and events proposals will have to cough up double the fee while the rates have remained unchanged for structures like concrete jetties, ship building yards, dock yards and barge loading & unloading jetties.

Permission for erection of temporary structures such as shacks has been raised to Rs 1,000 per square metres for seven-year permissions. It was Rs 500 per square metre for a five-year permission earlier.

For huts, cottages or tents, it is Rs 500 per square metre again for a seven-year permission. Previously it was Rs 100 per square metre.

For beach weddings, events and setup a fee of Rs 100,000 per day is to be charged as against Rs 50,000 earlier.

Schools and institutions will get a 75% concession and government department/ charitable trust, non-profit organisation no fees applicable.

For new constructions of hotel/ resort again the fee is increased from Rs 500 to Rs 1,000 per square metre of built-up area.

For new bundh, wall, retaining wall, compound wall, boundary wall the fee is Rs 25,000 for general and Rs 50,000 for commercial use. Previously, it was Rs 25,000 for all categories.

Interestingly, the fees have been kept unchanged for repair and renovation of existing house or structure at Rs 15,000, reconstruction or restoration of existing house or structure at Rs 25,000, construction of new house at Rs 50,000, construction of concrete jetty or ship building yard, dock yard or barge loading & unloading jetty at Rs 2 lakh.

The fee of Rs 1-lakh for construction of a new floating pontoon, jetty or temporary wooden jetty has also been kept unchanged.

Meanwhile, a new set of activities earlier unregulated have been brought under the ambit of GCZMA’s scrutiny and a fee structure stipulated.

These include permissions for wire fencing, bio fencing and wire mesh fencing which will be charged Rs 15,000.

Another set of activity which will be charged Rs 50,000 as scrutiny fee include permissions for repair of existing jetty, platform for ship repair.

Yet another activity earlier not levied any fee is Open Air Hall, which now will be charged a scrutiny fee of Rs 700 per square metre for a seven-year permission.

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