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Innocently yours

Nandita Naik | FEBRUARY 09, 2013, 07:48 AM IST

As I came back from a strenuous day at work yesterday, myhead throbbing as if David Guetta was remixing  in my blood vessels, Iwas welcomed by the warm hug and sweet peck of my 13-year-old. The magic touchfor me was more than desired at that moment and I was, even if for a briefmoment, transported to Cloud 9! 

My mind raced back to a day in the some years ago when thissame 13-year-old who was then 7 years old and was burdened with advancedlearning. He being a hyperactive child by nature, sitting in one place was anuisance for him…yet he had to do it. So, very grudgingly he took up the bookand asked me to give him a kiss. When I asked the reason for doing so, hereplied, “I need to get charged.” Well that invite was all I needed to continuethe pecking for a little longer than required. Overdosed and probablyoverwhelmed, he quipped, “Mama, you better stop or else I’m going to get ashock!” Well, it was his way of deterring me but it sure  sent me in ripples of laughter at  his connectivity with being “overcharged” thanks to all the lessons of  danger withelectricity he was drilled with, to prevent him  from  fiddling with the electrical switches!

Till date, the pecking continues mutually and always chargesme to move on despite all that I endure during the day and through life! Thesesmall expressions of love and care make my life complete and I hope I remain tobe the beneficiary of the magic touch till my last day! The feeling of beingloved is unique and surpasses all other emotions and especially when it ismutual, it becomes the soothing balm that contents the mind and soul! The purelove of a child is so enchanting that it can make the dark clouds shimmer witha silver lining. The satisfaction of seeing my beloved ones at the end of daymoves me through my mundane tasks. God bless children and may He always protecttheir innocence because they are our special gifts and we need to cherish theirpresence in our lives!  Thank you God forsending me two of your precious angels…they make my life complete!

Nandita is Manager, Sales, in a private company in Goa

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