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Natural brand values

Woodland, the flagship brand of Aero Group connects with its customers to inculcate the message of environment conservation. Harkirat Singh, Managing Director, Woodland Shoes speaks to The Goan on their green technology and nature-friendly waste management systems

Bharati Pawaskar / The Goan | FEBRUARY 09, 2013, 07:53 AM IST

The Goan: Share with us a brief about Woodland.

Harkirat Singh: The brand ‘Woodland’ was launched into Indiain 1992 and got its due attention by the adventure lovers. Our products aredesigned to meet every need of an adventurist, be it rock climbing, trekking orany other adventure sport.

TG: Woodland as Carbon Neutral retail chain.

HS: With a green tree as its logo, Woodland resonates withlove for Mother Nature. Whatever be the utility of our product, everything fromthe material to the method involved in making Woodland footwear is directedtowards environment conservation. Ours is a nature brand that focuses onsustainable environment. We aim to attain Zero Carbon Emissions from our retailstores spread across the country. This on-going campaign was initiated topropagate the message on ‘adopting an eco-friendly’ life style to the masses.

TG: Explain your ‘Pro-Planet’ campaign.

HS: Through ‘Pro-Planet’, we connect to our customers andthe public to inculcate the message on environment conservation. We invest ingreen technology and use effective waste management systems. All our productsare based on environment friendly raw materials like organic cotton. Thougheverything comes at a cost, we are proud to claim that our packaging utilises100 per cent recyclable materials.

Pro-Planet – a CSR initiative to protect the planet reflectson initiatives, projects and commitment of the company towards environmentaland social concerns. Woodland has initiated many socio‐environmental initiativeslike the Earth Hour Initiative, Spare Tree Campaign along with a variety ofon-ground events including planting trees and Woodland Pro-Planet rides. 

It aims to spread the message to the mass, to adopt anenvironment friendly lifestyle. Woodland uses environment-friendly materialslike organic cotton for its products, and use recycled paper for the packagingof its products. We were the eco-friendly partners of Sunburn in Goa this year.

TG: Your speciality

HS: Woodland has become synonymous with outdoor adventureand nature, evokes imagery of scenic landscapes and man’s tryst with the wilds.

TG: Your range of products vary from footwear for outdoorand adventure sports, apparels like capris, shorts and cotton shirts,sweatshirts, pullovers and jackets, accessories like belts, bags and wallets,kids wear and yoga collection. Tell us one thing that’s common in all these.

HS: Our eco-friendly products have futuristic designs andcome in variety of organic colours inspired from various moods of nature. Webelieve in complete harmony with nature, so we use organic cottons, naturalproducts without dyes and only those chemicals that are not harmful for thebody.

TG: What are the latest additions to the current line-up?

HS: Woodland has come up with a specialised yoga collectionwhich fulfils the needs of an athlete and provides comfort. Young Explorer,kid’s collection, targets 7-15 age group for whom we use exclusive organiccottons, natural products without dyes and chemicals which are not harmful.

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