Miramar beach under siege


The Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation is presently constructing a garden right across the road at Miramar. This is in addition to multiple garden-type spaces already created along the beach itself. 

Of all the places is a garden needed at a beach? A beach has enough natural space and beauty in itself. The garden that is coming up is ostensibly for senior citizens and the construction with granite benches is almost ready. 

This garden is being developed in the name of senior citizens but finally only beggars and vagabonds will make use of it.

With another Samadhi being built for the late Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, the beach stretch is getting narrow day by day. We only hope that this is the last Samadhi at Miramar or a time will come when there will be no beach left for us to use. 

The once iconic and much-beloved giant fish at the entrance of the beach is in a dilapidated condition and seem to be in danger. Nearby the rocket slide stands alone, a mute spectator to the destruction all around. 

Along the road in front of Sharada Mandir school, is another huge structure, a cross over that was built to facilitate the movement of school kids and tourists during peak hours. This structure which was constructed spending crores of rupees is presently not being used till date. 

The footpaths along the Dona Paula-Miramar-Panjim road are also in shambles. This road had been constructed spending crores of rupees and the contractor was also liable to upkeep the footpaths.

If the administration is really concerned about its citizens it would repair something as basic as footpaths before planning to construct and beautify the gardens. 

People, especially senior citizens, who go for their morning and evening walks have difficulties as they do not have proper and clear path to walk. 

The footpath is littered with leaves, branches and concrete slabs that are pulled out. Drains are in a dilapidated condition, chambers always open and at many places no covers at all.

Everything looks so shabby, forget being actually comfortable for pedestrians to walk. The haphazard work being done is for all to see. 

There's always some work in progress 24x7, because it's usually left half done. Looks like there are orders to spend funds received from Centre and the State is keen to finish it by starting random work. 

We all agree that development is needed. But here, there seems to be no advanced planning and no time limit for the contractor to finish the work. With monsoons fast approaching, the mess will only add to the problems faced by the people.

The administration should first take up work or projects that are important and that provide basic necessities. Constructing gardens everywhere for recreation, play or sit out, etc just to beautify the place and then leave it to the dogs is not important at the moment.

Proper roads, drainage, water supply, power is the need of the hour.

The internal Caranzalem road had been left to the mercy of Goa for over four years. Several representations and complaints to the MLA and the corporators from the area had fallen on deaf years. Now with municipal elections scheduled for March, the road is getting a coat of hotmix. But, the way the hotmixing work is being carried out is anyone’s guess how long the road will last. 

(The writer is as social activist)

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