Thursday 30 May 2024

When responsible citizens show the govt the way


Concerned over the recent spate of accidents that have left many injured due to poorly maintained speed-breakers and sign-boards, locals from the Patrocin chapel area in Benaulim recently took it upon themselves to paint the speed-breakers in a white checkered pattern while also urging the government to focus on maintaining roads across the State. 

Recently villagers of Sao Jose de Areal renovated the 400-year-old Portuguese-era culvert, which was reportedly inaugurated by the village elders on Republic Day. This only goes to show what can be achieved out of love and dedication for one’s own village or town. It is also a fine example of the unity of the villagers towards a common cause. The villagers obviously had to dig deep into their pockets at a time of rising prices of essential commodities in order to make a contribution towards the project. 

It must be said that there could be several old structures across the State built by the Portuguese which have survived for more than 400 years and are in dire need of renovation in order to save them from the vagaries of nature. The government is going full steam in building new bridges. However in the process the Portuguese-era bridges and other heritage structures could be given a step-motherly treatment. It is for the locals to come forward and save these structures for future generations. If not maintained they could undergo wear and tear and end up being beyond repairs.

The people of Sao Jose de Areal have shown the way on how to save old structures and not to rely solely on the government of the day to maintain these historic structures. Citizens carry out beach cleaning activities regularly. Even foreign tourists give a helping hand in keeping the environment clean. It is learnt that some foreign tourists cleaned the roadside garbage and beaches at Arambol. 

The local tourists need to learn from these globe-trotting tourists. The least they can do is not to leave empty bottles and waste on the beach sand. Social activities carried out by the people should serve as a wake-up call for the authorities. On the flip side the authorities should not leave it to the citizens to carry out the essential works which happen to be their (the government’s) moral duty.

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