Aleixo holds weekly darbar amid Cabinet reshuffle speculations


Saxtti lone Minister Aleixobab Sequeira went about his weekly Friday darbar in the South district Collectorate, notwithstanding intense speculations about an imminent Cabinet reshuffle. That the social media was abuzz with reports that the Minister duo of Aleixo-Gaude will face an axe from the Pramodbab Sawant cabinet had no bearing on Aleixobab during the darbar. In fact, his close aides wondered whether Chief Minister Pramodbab Sawant would go for a Cabinet rejig on the eve of the Assembly session, beginning in a week from now on July 15. Wait and watch.

Has govt initiated probe into Assagao and Curtorim link?

Has the government ordered any inquiry to find out whether the Sharma who had purchased the Curtorim property from Goa Forward chief Vijaibab Sardesai was in any way connected to the Assagao demolition saga? The social media was abuzz with reports linking the Curtorim property purchaser Sharma to the Assagao Sharma’s, prompting Vijaibab to dare Chief Minister Pramodab Sawant to unearth the link, if any, between the Assagao and Curtorim case. Or, have the authorities developed cold feet after realising the connections of the Curtorim Sharma with the ruling dispensation? Wait and watch.

DGP’s crime review meeting in S Goa draws media attention

Director General of Police, Jaspal Singh walked tall as he descended at the South Goa district police headquarters earlier this week. His firm and bold steps as he walked to the office of the District police chief Sunitabai Sawant for a crime review meeting was a subject of media scrutiny, more so after he was in the eye of a storm in the Assagao demolition case. That’s not all. That the DGP is making presence in the State to review crimes has only thrown up a question or two whether he is in the saddle despite attempts to shunt him out of Goa. Any questions?

Reginaldo highlights devpt amid criticism over BJP support

Curtorim Independent MLA Reginaldbab Lourenco has come under the scanner of friends and foes, a week when he unveiled the development works ushered in his constituency. Facing brickbats for extending support to the BJP in the 2024 Lok Sabha poll, even political observers were left to wonder whether the media briefing was Reginaldbab’s way of conveying to his constituents the works he has taken up in Curtorim with BJP government’s support. That he laid stress on the ongoing underground cabling project and the police station and Curtorim Health Centre projects on the anvil indicates that the BJP coalition partner was on the job to silence his detractors. Any questions?

Vijai’s agenda in Margao under scrutiny after janata darbar

What’s Goa Forward chief Vijaibab Sardesai’s agenda in Margao? This question did the rounds in local political circles after his janata darbar in the city earlier this week. Consider this. First, Vijaibab stormed into the migrant inhabited Moti Dongor in the Lok Sabha polls to checkmate friend-turned-foe Margao MLA Diggu in the Lok Sabha polls. His janata darbar in the city and that too right in the Margao Municipal building controlled by Diggu has become a talking point in local political circles, with questions raised how Vijaibab will go about in Margao in 2027. Coincidentally, the promised Goa Forward party office in Margao is yet to see light of the day. Wait and watch.

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