Defection moves still haunt Cong

THE GOAN NETWORK | JULY 16, 2022, 12:22 AM IST

The rebel Congress MLAs must have been down after last Sunday’s abortive coup, but they seem not out. A fresh move to form a two-third group during the weekend or during the course of the Assembly session is not ruled out in political circles. Sources say the coup has failed, not because of a sudden change in heart amongst the players, but the plan is believed to have gone awry over sharing of posts and positions. By the way, sources say this is the third attempt in as many weeks that the rebels could not muster the magic figure of eight MLAs to switch sides. Wait and watch.

When Kamat went visiting leaders at home

Mystery still shrouds Diggu’s visit to the residences of Congress heavyweight Aleixobab Sequeira and Carlosbab Alvares last Sunday when reports did the rounds over the imminent exit of eight Congress MLAs. Political observers are trying to figure out what had prompted Diggu to come out of his bungalow on Sunday evening and head to the house of the Nuvem MLA. That he later descended at the residence of the Aldona MLA at Old Market, Margao only fueled speculations over the message Diggu carried with him for these two MLAs. Many questions still remain unanswered over the abortive coup.

Cong MLA offered to defect for Cabinet berth?

Who’s this Congress MLA who reportedly told a senior Congress leader that he would not mind quitting the party if the BJP offers him a Ministerial berth. Well, the MLA in question is believed to have remarked at a meeting of Congress MLAs earlier last week. Sources said the MLA’s remarks had left many Congress leaders surprised. Sources now say this MLA was indeed offered the ministerial berth before the defection plan went awry. Any takers?

Father stands by son’s loyalty to party

Former Minister Joaquimbab Alemao takes pride in saying that son Yuri was not part of the plot by Congress MLAs to quit the party and embrace the saffron brigade. The former Minister, however, has a question or two for the party leadership – will the party take note of Yuri’s stand to stay put with the Congress during the abortive coup? For, Joaquimbab recalled that he too had once spurned an offer to quit the Congress, but was later denied the ticket to contest from Cuncolim by the party leadership. Any questions?

No pledges taken to keep flock together

Hazard a guess, why has the Congress leadership still not gone to the Mahalaxmi Temple or the Holy Cross, Bambolim to offer prayers to give wisdom and strength to the party MLAs not to fall to temptations and pressures to switch sides? Well, in the run up to the polls, then party chief Girishbab Chodankar and then CLP leader Diggu had led the party candidates to the temple, Holy Cross and masjid to take a pledge they will not leave the party if elected. It’s indeed surprising that the Congress leadership has not gone back to the temple, cross and the masjid to pray for the MLAs that they don’t succumb to temptations and pressures from the ruling side. Indeed time for introspection.

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