No firepower in Revolution Day event at Lohia Maidan


Senior Congress MLA Diggu was part of the Congress delegation which paid respects to the martyrs and Dr Ram Manohar Lohia at the Lohia Maidan, Margao on Goa Revolution Day. The firepower, however, was clearly missing for reasons best known to the delegation, so much so, there was no mention of the BJP government as the delegation paid respects to the martyrs and Dr Lohia. Diggu in particular only reminded how Dr Lohia had fought for the civil liberties, but uttered no word against the government as if everything is well in the State. Sounds surprising, isn’t it?

Michael turns to CM over Vishwajit’s tirade

Political observers may find this reading very interesting – every time Vishwajitbab Rane trains his guns at Michaelbab, the Opposition leader promises to take up the matter with Chief Minister Pramodbab Sawant. Political observers have been left to wonder whether the Opposition leader believes in getting justice from the Chief Minister when Vishwajitbab is part of the same government headed by Pramodbab. Or, is there something more than meets the eye? Wait and watch.

One-upmanship: SGPDA officials in crossfire

SGPDA officials find themselves caught in a crossfire as the powers that be jostle for supremacy in the PDA-controlled wholesale fish market. If TCP Minister Vishwajitbab Rane has time and again stamped his authority in the wholesale fish market, PDA officials, sources said, had to contend with pulls and pressures from quarters inimical to the Minister. So far, Vishwajitbab seems to have exercised his authority over the wholesale fish market. Wait and watch as the game of one-upmanship to control the market seemed far from over.

LS polls: Sardinha evasive in reply

Why is Congress MP Francisbab Sardinha in a hesitant mode to announce that he is not averse in seeking re-election for the South Goa Lok Sabha seat in 2024? Every time, the four-time MP is posed a question on plans to seek re-election, he has been found evasive in his replies. Sources in the Congress wonder why Sardinhbab is hesitant in announcing his candidature. Is it because he is not confident of the Congress leadership nominating him for the ticket? Wait and watch as a host of players, including a Captain. is planning to claim the Congress ticket.

Henceforth, Mauvin to preside over S Goa functions?

Will it now be the turn of Industries Minister Mauvinbab Godinho to preside over official functions at the South Goa district headquarters for the next five years? Of the seven Ministers hailing from South Goa, Mauvinbab enjoyed the privilege of presiding over the Goa Revolution Day programme at the historic Lohia Maidan. The Independence Day, Goa Liberation Day will soon follow suit, and Mauvinbab is expected to join the list of Ministers from down South who had in the past enjoyed the privilege of inspecting the parade at these official programmes. Any questions?

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