Wednesday 17 Jul 2024

Alemao clan cynosure of all eyes in Benaulim ZP by-poll


Varca-based Alemao clan is the cynosure of all eyes in the Benaulim ZP by-poll, but for a different reason – political divide. As it turned out, the Alemao siblings threw their lot behind three different candidates. If Opposition leader Yuribab Alemao is with Aam Aadmi Party nominee Josephbab Pimenta as part of the INDI Alliance, Churchillbab and son Saviobab have rallied behind Independent Grrayfansbab Fernandes. On Friday, Warrenbab Alemao finally expressed his support for Congress-turned-Independent Roylabai Fernandes. Though not in the fray, the Alemao siblings have indeed become a talking point in Benaulim political circles. Any questions?

Was AAP chief Palekar trying to fish in troubled waters?

As the political divide in the Alemao clan came out in the open in the Benaulim by-poll, Aam Aadmi Party chief Amitbab Palekar has been accused of trying to fish in troubled waters after Warrenbab Alemao directed his remarks, purported at uncle Churchillbab and cousin brother Savio, without taking their names. There seemed no love lost between AAP and the Varca strongman since Venzybab emerged a giant killer in the 2022 Assembly election defeating Churchillbab. Benaulikars are trying to figure out what made the AAP chief to take on Warren over his purported remarks at Churchillbab and son Savio. Wait and watch.

‘No show’ of INDI Alliance leaders at Benaulim rally raises eyebrows

Many an eyebrow has been raised in political circles after many an INDI Alliance leader could not make it to Benaulim in support of Alliance-backed AAP candidate Josephbab Pimenta earlier this week. While GPCC chief Amitbab Patkar seemed to have saved the day for AAP as he was the only Alliance leader attending AAP’s rally, sources are trying to find whether behind the scenes political activity stopped the leaders from joining the rally. For, speculations have been rife that a political heavyweight was reportedly in touch by an Alliance leader not to attend the rally. Wait and watch.

Venzy downplays absence of Alliance leaders at rally

Aam Aadmi Party Benaulim MLA Venzybab Viegas preferred to take in his stride the absence of most of the Alliance leaders for the Benaulim by-poll rally. In fact, Venzybab sought to downplay the absence of Alliance leaders including Goa Forward chief Vijaibab Sardesai and Opposition leader Yuribab Alemao and not to mention NCP chief Jose Philipbab or MP Captain Viriatbab for the rally. None other than Venzybab knew for sure that it was pointless to make an issue over the episode, knowing well it would have only sent wrong signals to the voters that the INDI Alliance is a divided lot. Any takers?

Suspense over Yuri’s Alliance move for Benaulim ZP by-poll

Why was Congress leader Yuribab Alemao more than willing to back the INDI Alliance in the June 23 Benaulim ZP by-poll instead of fielding a Congress candidate for the by-poll, more so when AAP had announced to go alone in Delhi and Haryana in the forthcoming Assembly polls, it would not have been difficult for Yuri and team to go alone in the Benaulim by-poll. Did Yuri and team root for the Alliance to help MLA friend Venzybab Viegas to retain Benaulim or is there something more than that meets the eye, more so as a victory for AAP in the by-poll will help the AAP MLA to retain his stranglehold over Benaulim. Interesting, isn’t it when Alemao siblings are working overtime to storm Venzybab’s fort in 2027.

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