BJP’s silence on Venzy-Cabral episode raises eyebrows


As Aam Aadmi Party Benaulim MLA Venzybab Viegas upped the ante for the dismissal of PWD Minister Nileshbab Cabral from the Cabinet, political observers wonder why the saffron brigade or the neo saffronites have not rushed to the Minister’s rescue till date. Nothing has been heard from Chief Minister Pramodbab Sawant or party leaders, rejecting the AAP MLA’s demand to sack Nileshbab from the Cabinet. The saffron brigade’s silence has indeed become a talking point in political circles within the BJP and outside. Wait and watch.

PWD Minister plays safe on sewerage projects

Every time, the issue of raw sewage disposal into the river Sal comes to the fore, PWD Minister, Nileshbab Cabral has not stopped reminding that sewerage projects initiated years ago are still not being completed by the contractors. That’s not all. He does not stop reminding that while crores of rupees have gone into the laying of infrastructure, sewage still does not flow into the network. Who are these contractors and during whose tenure the works were tendered? Many questions indeed remain unanswered.

When Kamat’s son played his part in MMC head clerk’s post

Diggu’s son Yogiraj Kamat seemed to have played a role in meting out justice to the ST candidate due for promotion as the Margao Municipal Head Clerk. When the Departmental Promotion Committee meeting was getting mysteriously postponed, Yogiraj is believed to have ensured that justice is done to the deserving candidate. Yogiraj, sources said was in Singapore, but he got his trusted lieutenants on the job to get the exact status of the Head Clerk post, only to realise that the post should rightfully go to the ST candidate. The message from Malbhat was loud and clear to those who had other plans. Any questions?

GFA polls: Churchill suspects BJP, Cong worked against son

Why does Varca strongman Bab Churchill suspect that the ruling BJP dispensation and the opposition Congress worked against son Savio in the GFA polls? Do not be surprised if you come across Churchillbab claiming the BJP and Congress worked in tandem to defeat his son for the GFA chief post. Sounds interesting, isn’t it, when the BJP is headed by a close friend, Bahujan Samaj Chief Minister and the Congress is led by nephew Yuribab Alemao as the Opposition leader. Any takers?

When Sardinha batted for both Mopa and Dabolim airports

Guess the politician from Saxttidom who batted for Mopa airport as the airport of the future when many others from down South opposed the new airport. Well, South Goa MP Francisbab Sardinha had been a vocal supporter of Mopa airport, but at the same time insisted that Dabolim should remain forever. His stand on the co-existence of both Mopa and Dabolim cost him dearly electorally in the 2007 polls when the anti-Mopa agitation was at its peak. Ask Sardinhbab about the Mopa tangle, and his stand remains the same -- Mopa is the airport for the future and Dabolim should not be closed. Any questions?

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