Bookies' choice: Modi's BJP favoured but INDIA optimistic


Guess what’s the buzz at the Satta bazaar with curtains set to come down on the 2024 general election? Pose the question to local politicos as well as the bookies, and do not be surprised to hear a reply that the Satta Bazaar overwhelmingly favours the BJP, predicting a comfortable victory for the saffron party in the election. How about the two Goa Lok Sabha seats? Do these seats also figure in the list of seats the BJP is expected to win at the Satta Bazaar? Notwithstanding the buzz at the Satta bazaar, INDIA bloc leaders sound optimistic about Congress retaining the South Goa seat. Any takers?

Khaunte's Saxtti pet peeve: North-South divide politics

Strange this may seem, but it's true that every time Tourism Minister Rohanbab Khaunte descends in Saxttidom, he does not stop accusing politicians of creating a North-South divide. Rohabbab’s argument is simple – Stop creating a North-South divide by raising the bogey of the imminent closure of Dabolim airport, asserting both Mopa and Dabolim airports will coexist. Who is the politician the Tourism Minister is referring to? Is he from Salcete or down South? And, is it a sin to question the government’s commitment to Dabolim when airlines shift operations to Mopa? Many a question indeed remains unanswered.

Churchill and Vijai: Enigmatic bond of Saxtti heavyweights

If there are two politicians in Saxttidom who enjoy a love-hate relationship, they are Varca strongman Bab Churchill and Goa Forward Chief Vijaibab Sardesai. Consider this. When Churchill celebrated his 75th birthday earlier this month, Vijiabab made it to Varca to wish his once close ally. He, however, took the platform to tell all and sundry that Churchillbab has never supported him in his elections, though they have been good friends over the years. Sounds strange isn’t it when the duo had together taken on the might of Saxtti heavyweights, including the Luizinho-Sardinha duo. Any questions?

ZP bypoll: Cong grapples with internal and external pressures

How would the Congress leadership comprising GPCC Chief Amitbab Patkar and opposition leader Yuribab Alemao go about the by-poll for the Benaulim Zilla Panchayat seat? No doubt, the GPCC Chief has said the party leadership will take a call on the ZP bypoll after the return of leaders from vacation. Sources, however, say a section of local Congress workers in Benaulim seemed strongly rooting to contest the June 23 Benaulim bypoll on the Hand symbol. ZP polls are fought on party lines. Wait and watch how would the Congress workers go about if the leadership sticks to the INDIA bloc.

Kamat's London tale adds to Goa 'God-man' legend

Congress-turned-BJP MLA Diggu repeated reference to a London episode when someone called him a God-man has raised many an eyebrow in political circles. At his birthday celebrations, Diggu explained how he was referred to as a God-man by a group of Goans in London. The Margao MLA again made a reference to the London episode during his recent interview with a local channel, leaving political observers to wonder why Diggu is only making references to the London episode when the God-man image has been a talking point across Goa. Or is it an attempt to portray that only a certain section of the community is behind spreading the God-man image? Interesting, isn’t it?

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