Gauging Goa’s pulse before Didi arrives


HAZARD A GUESS  what was TMC leader Dereck O’Brien’s agenda when he descended on the historic Assolna village earlier this week. Well, with TMC firmly setting its eyes on Goa ahead of the 2022 election, O’Brien was on a different mission -- to gauge the pulse of the people before Mamata Didi visits the state. It is learnt that the TMC leaders went into a huddle with local political leaders, including leaders of a political outfit. A couple of people from neighbouring Cuncolim also joined the meeting. Any questions?

Reginaldo’s destination: All his options open

THREE-TIME Congress MLA Reginaldbab Lourneco seems to be keeping all his options open. His close aides have advised him not to take any decision in haste at a time when political developments are unfolding in the state every second day. While it’s a known fact that new players have been approaching him, ostensibly to rope him in the team as their captain, many a close aide wants him to pursue an independent path. Reginaldbab was in the news on Friday after speculations were rife he was spotted at the Dabolim airport. Political observers were on the job to find out his destination. Wait and watch.

Is Luizinho’s silence lull before storm?

WILL HE or won’t he quit the Congress party, is the question Saxttikars continued to ask as suspense continues over the future of Congress veteran Luizinhbab Faleiro in the party. Question him on the speculations doing the rounds and the Navelim MLA insists that he has not met any TMC leaders till date. Many had expected Luizinhbab to come out with full gusto to tell the whole world that he is a staunch Congressman and that the Congress blood runs in him. Leave alone saying he is a loyal soldier, Luizinhbab maintains silence. Is the silence a lull before the storm or an attempt in positioning himself in the Congress leadership tangle? Wait and watch.

Amidst salvos, Digambar maintains composure

OPPOSITION LEADER Digambar along with GPCC Chief Girishbab Chodankar was in the national capital when Luizinhbab Faleiro’s loyal soldiers fired salvos directed at the party leadership. In his characteristic style, Digambar maintained his composure though the salvos were directed at no one else but him. He not only maintained that his visit had nothing to do with the issues raised by the Faleiro camp, but went on to state that he is too small a person to resolve these issues, indicating it’s for the party top leadership to take a call, given Luizinhbab’s proximity to the Gandhi family. Any takers?

Move aside Cong, it’s biz with new players!

POLITICAL ALIGNMENTS and re-alignments ahead of the 2022 polls are not ruled out in the state with the TMC bracing up to descend on Goa’s battlefield. Those who were knocking the Congress doors for an alliance just the other day many now look forward to doing business with new players.Observers may suddenly realize that the new players and the regional outfits have set their eyes on having a slice of the caste and religious vote hitherto held by the established parties. Wait and watch.

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